Judge Gets Handcuffed After Fight With Assistant Chief In Courtroom

Mississippi judge was handcuffed by the assistant chief during an altercation.

Clarksdale, MS – A courtroom incident between a judge and an assistant chief of police ended with the judge being handcuffed and taken out of his own courtroom Dec. 21.

Clarksdale Circuit Court Judge Derek Hopson was allegedly handcuffed after a dispute with Assistant Police Chief Troy Kimble, according to WREG-TV .

However, none of the participants in the incident are talking.

WREG reported that Hopson and Assistant Chief Kimble had an exchange of words and then Judge Hopson bumped into Assistant Chief Kimble. At that point, Assistant Chief Kimble flipped Judge Hopson, handcuffed him and led him out of the courtroom while still in his robe.

The Clarksdale Police Department would not confirm the details to WREG. Assistant Chief Kimble had no comment.

Judge Hopson would not confirm any of the details of the incident to WREG, either. The TV station has put in an open records request to the city looking for more information.

When WREG requested and incident report and booking photo from the police department, they were told that there wasn't one.

People commenting on social media said that they weren't surprised, and said that the circuit court is known as "circus court."

It's not clear how long officials are going to avoid releasing information about the incident.

G O O D! About time some of these arrogant SOB Judges get a taste of their own medicine! No nonsense Copper!

Doesn’t matter if the judge was wrong, this poor cop is going to lose his job. Too bad! If you watch the local tv news report the judge was found by the news reporter in the mayors office and the judge said he could not comment on on going legal actions.
My vote is to promote the cop!

I hope the officer doesn't lose his job over this BS.

Bringing the 'hood to the courtroom. Shows a total breakdown of the system. Where is the respect? You always respect the judge while in his courtroom. No matter how much you hate him. If the judge assaulted the officer (sounds very minor) you wait and file charges against him. Never disrespect the courtroom. The officer should and will be fired. The judge should too, but probably won't.


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