Illegal Immigrant Cop-Killer Says He Regrets Not Killing More Police

Luis Bracamontes murdered two police officers, and mocked his victims on his first day of trial.

Sacramento, CA - A twice-deported illegal immigrant started his first day on trial on Wednesday for murdering two officers.

With a broad smile, Luis Bracamontes refused to obey the judge’s order to remain silent and said in court, “I don’t f-----g regret that s---t. Only thing I f-----g regret is that I f------g just killed two. … I wish I f-----g killed more of those mother------s.”

Bracamontes, who is from Mexico, is accused of shooting and killing Sacramento County Sheriff’s Deputy Danny Oliver and Placer County Sheriff’s Detective Michael Davis Jr. on the same day in 2014.

Bracamontes, 37, faces the death penalty, according to the Sacramento Bee. His wife, Janelle Monroy, 41, is facing a possible sentence of life in prison for helping her husband.

During the first day of his trial Jan. 16, Bracamontes grinned and called one of the officers he murdered a “coward” as the prosecutor was describing to the jury how the officer died.

According to the Sacramento Bee, in 2015, Bracamontes said after a court hearing, “I’m guilty. I killed those cops. I want the execution. I’m guilty.”

Because of his antics, even Bracamontes’ own lawyers don’t deny he murdered the two police officers.

“Let me be clear and up front,” public defender Jeffrey Barbour told the jury, according to the Sacramento Bee. “Mr. Bracamontes is responsible for the death of Deputy Danny Oliver and Detective Michael Davis. He shot them both.”

The trial has been delayed for years as his lawyers continually push for a please of not guilty by reason of insanity. Despite their best efforts, Bracamontes was deemed competent to stand trial.

Sacramento Superior Court Judge Steve White removed the jury for a short time in response to Bracamontes’ outbursts and ordered him to be quiet.

But a defiant Bracamontes said, “I will break out soon and I will kill more, kill whoever gets in front of me ... There’s no need for a f-----g trial.”

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I'm Latino, proud to be a US citizen and I have deep respect, admiration and honor for our law enforcement and their courage. This person DOES NOT represent me nor the majority of latinos back in our countries of origin nor the latinos here that are working hard and studying to bring something good to this country. That guy is a poor looser, he lost long time ago and hopefully will be removed from this earth soon, hopefully.


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