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I tried signing the petition, but something is wrong with the server. That's their story and they're sticking to it. I'll try again later.

Where the petition I’ll sign with all my aka’s lol

Tried signing petition.. not taking in information.. try later?

If this is a petition to allow officers to do their jobs and to convict and imprison criminals that think they are not only above the US law but that they can kill our protectors....you definitely have my signature!!!

So we already have laws that cover your petition, right? So what else do you want?

And Gramercy, who are you talking about? The only criminals I see that believe they are above the law are dress in police costumes.

Is your only reason for being on this community to troll and disrespect the very people who are on the street trying to protect you from REAL criminals?


Too many people are against officers who protect them against all kinds of crimes. It is a miracle that there are men and women who are willing to put on a uniform since it has been fashionable to "hate" those officers. I say, "God bless those brave officers who do all they can within their power to protect those who need their help!" Of course, as in any large group of people, there are a few who are crooked or who use their power to do harm instead of good. I, however, am willing to trust police officers and deputies despite the very few rotten apples.