There was also the video where two cops were trying to arrest a man, and he knocks one out with a punch. His partner managed to wrestle the suspect down before back up arrived. They were a white and black pair of cops and a black suspect.

@Hi_estComnDenomn - read the article you shared and some of the comments posted by some truly ignorant people. Not all fights with black people end up with someone shot, the same as with whites. In fact, the vast majority of fights with police officers end up with the person in jail, not six feet under. The fact that you actually read articles from the website doesn't surprise me. I have a feeling you probably spend most of your time on The Roots getting all worked up about white people and slavery. You should suggest to your friends (if you have any) to actually look at legitimate studies of police use of force and shootings. It will show that the accusations of those who support black lives matter are completely unfounded.

@LEO0301 I wish every comment would have to cite their sources when they accuse police or yell about facts... if only people were smart enough to realize those events are outliers according to actual data and there are millions and millions of interactions with cops everyday that end without a shooting


It is a damn shame that Police do not get the support they deserve. The Left has mainstream media fomenting hate and NOT reporting the actual news. Most of what is seen is taken out of context to make Blue look bad. You want to get SMARTER? STOP watching the mainstream media and take everything you see there with a grain of salt.

Hey HCD you bitch what you up to?