Dude, you really are looking a little creepy. You only tagging one writer when there are many writers here? Or is it you are just use to trying to pick a fight with girls?


@b1rd who are these girls you are trying to be a voice for?

Forrest Gump comes to mind while I type this reply. I'm not trying to be a voice for anyone. I am just simply asking you a question. Is there a problem with that? Are you having trouble with coming up with an answer?


@Trump is the new asshat troll of Blue Lives Matter. At least the other idiot hasn't chimed in in a while, hope his computer is broken.


@Det_John_Kimble nah, I'm just on vacation. How can I help you, you silly bitch?

Why? you've already done the work for her. You might be more effective sending them private messages if you want to speak to them directly. But something tells me this is more about you than it is about them.


You know even I got that one and English is my second language, but that sounded like a threat to me. Or maybe that was lost in translation...?

You do realize that being stupid isn't a choice for you right?

Michigan just passed a 5 year felony for inmates who throw body waste on inmates.... I'm thinkin' if High is a guard might be worth it :O