Gunman Opens Fire On Kansas Cop Sitting In Car In Ambush Attack

A gunman opened fire on an officer who was sitting in his vehicle during a security detail.

Wichita, KS – An Wichita police officer was the target of an “ambush-style attack” on April 18, when an unidentified gunman fired multiple rounds at the officer as he sat in a security vehicle outside a movie theater.

The unnamed officer was hired to work a security detail at the theater at approximately 10:45 p.m., KWCH reported.

Police said that the driver of a dark-colored SUV “covertly drove onto an unpaved embankment with the vehicle lights off,” Wichita Police Deputy Chief Jose Salcido said during a press conference on Friday.

The driver then “positioned behind the officer’s vehicle, and [fired] four to six shots from an unknown caliber firearm towards the officer,” Chief Salcido said.

The officer was not injured in the attack, and the gunman fled the scene in what investigators believed was either a Suburban or a Tahoe.

Flashes from the gunshots could be seen in video footage captured by a nearby security camera. Few other details could be seen in the video due to distance and poor lighting conditions, however.

Chief Salcido said that the shots were fired “fairly close” to the officer, but that the department initially held off on releasing details about the incident until they were “absolutely sure” about what had occurred.

“We didn’t want to cause undue alarm to the public,” he explained during the press conference.

The attack occurred in a busy entertainment hub with a bowling alley, hotel, and several restaurants, in addition to the movie theater, The Wichita Eagle reported.

Investigation into the incident was ongoing, Chief Salcido said.

The chief asked anyone with any information about the suspect or the attack to contact the Wichita PD, and said that a reward of up to $5,000 was being offered.

This attack occurred says before another Wichita officer's patrol vehicle was shot up in front of his house Monday morning, according to KSN.

Police are investigating if the two incidents are related.

"This comes on the heels of two Florida officers being ambushed while eating in a restaurant so we had already spoke to the deputies about being very aware of your surroundings," Sheriff Jeff Easter said, according to KSN. "Be very aware that there are people that have the desire to hurt law enforcement."

Do the laws and rules that govern the department even allow the officer to moonlight on private security gigs?

Ambush -a sudden and surprising attack on a person or group by one or more people who have been hiding and waiting for them

The above definition seems to fit the scenario described. As others have said, what difference does it make? Attacking law enforcement officers is becoming a daily thing and it's got to stop now. We need to stop glorifying idiots like Colin Kaepernick who have made it acceptable to murder police officers.


No, ambush means that the attack victim approaches the attacker, not that the attacker approaches the attack victim.


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I love how some of you clowns SEE the definition of ambush, and SEE that a key component is waiting in hiding for the victim to come to you, and say this was an ambush.

I don't understand how Burgers can make it any clearer, but then i remember what site I'm on and it makes perfect sense.

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If they didnt does it make it legal and morally right to shoot at another hunan regardless if they are not shooting at you? Stupid question. If its okay to shoot at people willy nilly you may be next genius.

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Yes. It's called off duty work & they are paid by whoever employs them, such as at the mall you visit. This allows the presence of trained & uniformed officer, while allowing the ones on duty to respond to other crimes.

Why don't you just point out the item by number that you think was violated. Posting the policy implies there is something there that was violated. Point it out specifically.

No, he is trying to apply ONE of many definitions to a word that has many and being narrow minded to only accept that one definition. Even you can see what he is trying to do. He is wrong as usual. As I mentioned before, ONE definition of ambush is "surprise attack". It doesn't require some elaborate planning and execution to be called an ambush. Use your supposed education and admit that he is wrong.

I am not trying to imply that any of it was violated. As far as I can tell, as long as he signed up for the job through the system maintained by the department, and was wearing his standard issue uniform, he will avoid discipline. Although, of course, this incident may cause Wichita to re-think its policy on this. Liability and all that.

oh, I have never seen a definition of ambush, from any reputable lexicographer, that defines ambush broadly enough to cover all surprise attacks. Saying that there is such a definition does not make it so.

and, because we are dealing with a criminal law issue here, I prefer Black's Law Dictionary in this situation: What is AMBUSH?
The noun “ambush” means (1) the act of attacking an enemy unexpectedly from a concealed station; (2) a concealed station, where troops or enemies lie in wait to attack by surprise, an ambuscade; (3) troops posted in a concealed place for attacking by surprise. The verb “ambush” means to lie’ in wait, to surprise, to place in ambush. Dale County v. Gunter, 46 Ala. 142.

Of course you were implying he did something wrong. If not why did you even bring it up? Your provocative comments are thinly veiled at best.

No, I just think it is an interesting issue. For example, if he had been shot, who would be paying the medical bills (especially interesting issue if he did not sign up for the gig thru the department's system). As another interesting side issue, if he had shot back and hit a bystander then would he still be entitled to qualified immunity the same way he would be if he were on duty? Here is an interesting article about these moonlighting issues in general:

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