Florida Man Arrested For Drawing On Student's Homework

A Florida man was arrested for a disturbing drawing he put on a child's homework.

Port St. Joe, FL - A Florida man was arrested on Friday for drawing disturbing images on an elementary school student's homework.

Police said Robert Paul Alexander Edwards, 33, of Mexico Beach, drew a picture of a schoolhouse on fire on a child’s homework.

The drawing depicted a school house on fire, a person on fire who was running from the school and several others standing in a line being shot by an individual, according to the Gulf County Sheriff's Office (GCSO).

Police said the image also included drawings of two people on the ground, in what appeared to be a pool of blood. The words “Pew, Pew, Pew,” were written next to the person with the gun.

The drawing made its way to staff at Port St. Joe Elementary School, who contacted the GCSO, according to Fox News.

An investigation by the sheriff’s office and the Gulf District Schools determined Edwards had drawn the images.

"Our country has been affected one too many times with horrific school tragedies. We take matters like this very seriously,” Sheriff Mike Harrison said.

Police said there was no indication Edwards planned to carry out the threat.

He was arrested on Dec. 1 on charges of written threat to kill or do bodily injury.

It remained unclear whether Edwards knew the student, or how he had been able to draw on the homework.

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I don't think he should have been arrested, maybe tested to see if he was still sane and if he passed then give him a fine or something

That could certainly be done. Do you think he's a danger to society?

So, if the police do not take action because he appears to be "sane" and then he goes and commits these crimes, the agency gets their pants sued off. Umder Florida, this meets the elements of the charge and they acted correctly. Let the judicial system decide of he needs to be tested or incarcerated. That is not law enforcement's job. They are protecting the children and staff at the school by doing what they did.

I am more concerned with the relationship between him and the student,, how was this individual able to get the notebook??


That's a good question @BobbiH59 , hopefully there will be an update somewhere about that.


The school acted properly. The officers acted properly. If they had done nothing and this idiot had acted, they would have been held responsible for the idiots actions. Better safe than sorry or as a friend of mine is fond of saying Rather be judged by 12 than carried by six. I say, thank you for taking action!! Job well done.