Firefighters Face Abuse Investigation For Cutting Teen Daughter's Hair

A child abuse investigation has been launched against two firefighters who cut off their teenage daughter's hair.

​Haskins, OH – Two married firefighters are under investigation for child abuse, after they punished their teenage daughter by forcing her to cut her hair.

The unnamed firefighters are the girl’s father and stepmother, WITI reported.

In a now-viral Jan. 31 Facebook post, the teen’s mother, Christin Johnson, said that her daughter Kelsey’s long hair was chopped off as punishment for getting highlights as a birthday gift.

“This is what my daughter looked like Sunday when I took her home and the other two pics is what happened today before she was brought to me… all over me having highlights put in her hair for her birthday!” the teen's mother wrote in the post.

The post, which had been shared over 24,000 times as of Tuesday morning, implied that the haircut was done against Kelsey’s wishes.

The Haskins Police Department (HPD) and Wood County Children’s Services were notified of the situation, and both departments have opened investigations, WITI reported.

“I’ve been doing this since ’92, and I’ve never had a case I would say that’s like this," HPD Chief Colby Carroll said.

Jennifer McVeigh, owner of The Pear Tree Salon, said that in her opinion, the person who cut Kelsey’s hair psychologically abused her.

“Your hair is what really makes you feel good,” McVeigh told WITI. “What they did to that poor child ... it’s a chopped-off, boyish hairstyle on her. So I don’t understand why they would want to humiliate their daughter that way.”

“This beautiful little girl is now walking through the halls at school, completely embarrassed, feeling like a little boy,” she said.

A “Team Kelsey” Facebook page was created on Sunday, and included a link to a crowdfunding site in the girl’s name. The fundraising account was deactivated as of Tuesday morning, however.

The firefighters, both of whom have been with their department for approximately two years, were placed on leave pending investigation of the allegations, Middleton Township Fire Chief Steve Asmus said.

This is nobody's business except the bio parents. If anyone needs perspective, real child abuse photos are available online and should come with a warning.

School now days have enough bullying. To have to live with people to do the same thing. There are kids killing them self from the bullying. Look no matter what life is not like the old days we didn't give a crap what we looked like . it not as easy for kids you can call kids what you want. this sound like dad and step mom have control issue and was pissed that her mom allowed this hair color. Sad it would be child abuse you don't destroy you child this way her hair then what next her finger. This child is in the middle and it looks they would hurt her just punish her because of her mom. A bad message to send hair color wow her dad hates her mom enough to take it out on his daughter. Hope her dad gets his rights taking away before he really hurts this child.

As the government continues to erode the parental rights. This sound more like a family issue and should be dealt with by the parents, NOT some self-serving so called child advocate. Had dealing with CPS before and all they wanted to do was ruin the family


Sorry this isn’t child abuse. Has anyone tried to cut hair on someone who won’t sit still? She obviously stayed still because the cut is a typical Pixie cut (just like Halie Berry, Twiggy, Ashlee Simpson, Agyness Deyn, Carey Mulligan, Miley Cyrus, Emma Watson, Ginnifer Goodwin, Anne Hathaway, Pixie Geldof, Elizabeth Moss, Jamie Lee Curtis - just to name a few celebrities).

Now, I speculate the child allowed the haircut just as she allowed the highlights. This accusation is all the mother who is angry it wasn’t her doing and the daughter is caught trying to justify the new doo... “they made me”, “they forced me”, “I’m a victim!”.... UGH - custody case become the worst!!!!


Agreed. This isn't child abuse. The girl was obviously told not to get highlights, yet did it anyway. I remember in High School I dated a girl whose ears weren't pierced, and I asked her why and it was because her Father said no. Told her that if she did that, she'd have to get her nose pierced too. Of course that was back when people didn't pierce their faces, slice their tongues, and tattoo their foreheads. GOD but things have changed in such a short time. People are becoming monsters, and wonder why nobody wants to hire them, and this little girl is whining about a hair cut of all things AND GETTING A JUDGE TO LISTEN TO HER ABOUT IT. I'm ashamed for my Species.


Father's parental rights should be TERMINATED and he and the stepmother should be ordered to pay her restitution, at $10 per hair.


This is not child abuse, it's parenting, the problem is that not many people parent anymore so when someone actually does it, people think it's abuse. If your parents tell you not to get highlights and you take it upon yourself to disobey your parents then you have to suffer the consequences. These people did nothing wrong.


I didn't read that her "parents" (i.e., father and stepmother) had told her not to get highlights. It was, however, her BIRTH mother who gifted her the highlights. Maybe it wasn't child abuse in the true sense, but it was extremely humiliating and way, way too excessive.

That is def not a typical pixie just saying

Why does everyone assume it was OK to color the girl'so hair in the first place? Have you considered the daughter and biological mother were warned in advance this would happen? Which parent has majority custody, and why? If you don't know the answers to those questions fuck off.

I've read comments talking shit about step parents and dads on here and the only reason that makes sense is you're women so you were triggered by a haircut like was like totally not cute, but whatever. Fathers can be better parents than mothers and step parents can be better than their biological counterparts. Getting your hair cut off in and of itself is not abusive, and to say it is is insulting to the many children raped beaten and killed by those who are meant to be their protectors. If you now or in the future have children I hope you don't EVER disagree with them, lest your parental rights be terminated and your hard earned money stolen by a court


This is the most stupid comment I've read or heard in my entire life. Congratulations.


I read on another news website that the father has custody. If so, she was on visitation with the mother. I am guessing that she is playing one against the other, getting viral attention. Can't turn back now.


You have no idea bout the story do you? Her mother gave her the highlights for her birthday. The child went to her dad's house,and the dad and step mom decided to invite the step mom's cousin over to cut her hair because they didn't like the highlights the mom got done for the teens birthday. The father didn't say no to begin with,so the child didn't go against parents wishes. She begged to not have her hair chopped but they did it anyways. Please know the story before commenting

The mother got her highlights. The child just didn't do it on her own. The father didn't say no highlights beforehand. And she begged them not to cut her hair but they did it anyways....the mother has custody,the child was over the house for the weekend for visitation.

Actually,the mother has full custody.ths child was over the dad's house for the weekend for visitation when they cut her hair, according to the mother's actual page. Don't rely on news sources so much.

what can you do when the state kidnaps your child over false allegations and they chop your daughters hair off then after you pay all kinds of fees to the court and for a lawyer and the case worker never shows up to court and this gets dropped off the court docket. it cost me so much grief, falsely getting arrested by the DHS case worker who lied and came into my home and refused to show identification, tell me the reason she was here. she tried to tell me there is a law to get my childs hair, and nails did at a salon every month which was a lie.

they put my child into a DHS foster care home and chopped all her hair off and my daughter was crying because everyone picked on her and all the DHS did was laugh about it and say there is nothing you can do about it.

after hiring the lawyer i got my daughter back within a few days. the case worker never did her job, questioned me during my visitation times, and eventually the case was dismissed but after a year i found out that the case worker still had her listed in foster care so i couldn't get the medicaid for my daughter taking care of and renewed.

the state is so corrupt along with alot of Mother's who lie to get and retain custody and get child support from the fathers. I have had my daughter since the day she was born because her mother was a prisoner in Florida. My daughter just turned 11 years old and her hair is growing back and we only go every now and again to get it trimmed a little bit at a time for dead eneds

This is abuse. I don't care how you try to justify it. She probably felt so confident and pretty after she got her hair done, and her dad ripped that away from her. It's so sad that so many people think that this is ok.

Not only did she lose her confidence, she probably will get called a lesbian, gay, a tranny, and a boy by her classmates. Every time she looks in the mirror she will hear those words in her head. Her father set her up to be bullied and insecure.