Federal Investigators Pushing Charges For Cop In Eric Garner Death

Officer Daniel Pantaleo has been cleared by a Grand Jury in the death of Eric Garner, but the federal case is looming.

Washington, DC – Federal civil rights prosecutors have been pushing for the U.S. Department of Justice (DoJ) to charge a New York cop in the 2014 death of Eric Garner, but officials have not sought an indictment because many believe the case against the officer cannot be won.

Garner was arrested by New York Police Department (NYPD) officers on July 17, 2014, after police stopped him for selling individual loose cigarettes on a city sidewalk.

He resisted arrested, and fought with officers who struggled to take the 350-pound man into custody.

In the process of subduing Garner, video taken by witnesses showed that NYPD Officer Daniel Pantaleo had his arm around Garner's neck, and pressed his face against the sidewalk.

Garner repeatedly told officers “I can’t breathe,” a phrase that became a rallying cry for Black Lives Matter in the months that followed.

Officer Pantaleo later said he tried to use a “seatbelt maneuver” on Garner, and did not mean to put the much larger man into a choke hold.

Garner lost consciousness on the sidewalk, and died in the hospital an hour later from a medical emergency.

Eric Garner's autopsy report showed no damage to any area of Garner’s neck, and it was determined that he died of a medical emergency induced by officers who were arresting him. The medical examiner declared it was a homicide.

A New York Grand Jury declined to indict on any criminal charges.

The federal inquiry that has dragged on for years has split the Justice Department in half between those who want to go after the officer and those who think success with the case would be impossible, according to The New York Times.

Officer Pantaleo has remained on desk duty for NYPD since the incident, because the department’s internal investigation will not be completed until the DoJ has made its final determination.

The New York Times reports that law enforcement authorities on both sides of the issue have said it would be nearly impossible to get a conviction in the case.

Former prosecutors who have worked on building a case over the past almost four years have complained that the team from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) who did the initial investigation didn’t believe Officer Pantaleo had done anything wrong, and so didn’t properly investigate, according to The New York Times.

The decision on whether to seek an indictment now sits firmly in the lap of U.S. Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, The New York Times reported. Rosenstein has reportedly had several meetings to discuss moving forward with the prosecution but thus far, no decisions have been made.

Garner’s mother made a public plea on Friday for “long-delayed federal charges” against the officer who she blames for her son's medically-induced death, and accused the current administration of playing politics.

“If the Trump Administration’s Justice Department doesn’t hold NYPD Officer Daniel Pantaleo and others who killed my son accountable ... they are failing to uphold law-and-order for politics,” said Gwen Carr, according to the New York Daily News.

“They’re playing political games with the murder of my son. It’s been nearly four years and there still is no justice — it’s unacceptable,” Carr said.

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio also called on the DoJ to make a decision as the case rapidly approached its fourth anniversary, the New York Daily News reported.

“The family and loved ones of Eric Garner have waited long enough,” said the mayor. “Our city has waited long enough. After almost four years of deliberation ... we once again urge the DOJ to show some level of decency to the Garner family.”

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Fat fuck had a heart attack, nothing to do with a “choke hold” no such thing. The fat bastard was talking the whole time!


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You should learn about the human body and defensive tactics before you make statements that show your ignorance. It is very apparent you are talking about something you have no knowledge of.


Wow! Just read this - thanks for posting. Some scary stuff!


You are an idiot ! If he could speak, he wasn't being choked.


How could he be talking if he couldn't breathe ? If he wasn't so obese and a heavy smoker he probably would have been able to handle the stress of being handcuffed in the prone position , not to mention ... if hadn't started resisting he would have probably just been given a ticket, and sent on his way. He caused the entire "shit storm"


If you can't breathe, you aren't getting in any air. If you aren't getting in any air, how in the hell do you have enough air, to KEEP yelling, "I can't breathe"? Think about it people. It really doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out ANYONE screaming "I can't breathe" CAN in fact, BREATHE! 🤔🙃


For two years the Lynch DOJ couldn't make a case against the officer that anyone believed could be successfully prosecuted, yet now it is the Trump's administrations fault? I think not. The fault lies with the 350 lb whale who chose not to cooperate with police and escalated the situation by resisting arrest. Justice now needs to be served by taking away the heavy rock teetering over the officer's head and let him return to full duty.


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Don't Break the Law!
Don't Resist the Police!
Don't Ever Vote Demoncrat!
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Next they'll say he is going to be charged for causing his daughters death because of the stess of her OVERWEIGHT father's death caused her



You can still talk while being choked. The cop had Garner in a rear naked choke. That doesn't block your airway, it blocks your bloodway.

The "i can't breathe" was a stress-induced asthma attack, caused by the asssault.


If someone is being choked to the point where asphyxia occurs, he cannot say, "I can't breathe!" He might be able to say, "Urk, urk, urk!", but nothing much beyond that. If you have asthma or a heart condition occasioned by morbid obesity (weighing 350 lbs without being at least 7 feet tall), it is not a good choice to resist arrest, or in fact, do anything more strenuous beyond getting out of bed in the morning, or perhaps selling "loosies" on the street. Eric Garner is dead because HE and nobody else did stupid and for no other reason.


@Old Hawg
Wrong. A rear naked choke, which is what was applied, is a blood choke. Not a wind choke. You can talk just fine until you pass out.

Then I sucked to be him

There was no assault. Were he white, no one would give a shit. If he wasn't engaged in criminal behavior and resisting the officers, he wouldn't have created the situation to bring on the asthma attack. He caused his own death and no one else is to blame.


Yes never resist the law. The law is always right and infallible. More and more laws are created and enforced to increase your freedom.

For example, when the police solicit the services of a woman who advertising her services privately and of her own free will on a site somewhere, and then arrest her after having sex with her, that = more equality and increased freedom.

If the government bans using matches to light a cigarette, and an officer sees your criminal action and arrests you for breaking the new law or shoots you dead for breaking it, you have more freedom.

By being required to solicit the government's permission to; build a house, make alterations, drive a car, own a gun, state your mind or cross the street, you are feeling the effects of increased liberty in exchange for obeying and continuing compliance.

If you die for resisting heavily armed officers who are only doing their jobs by arresting you or killing you in fear for their lives, you begin to see the benefits of obeying the will of others to that you have increased freedom.

If you make them kill you over a lit cigarette, they can hardly be blamed for reacting in fear for their lives due to your own criminal choices which led to your death. And in the land of the free and home of the brave no less.

Daniel Pantaleo choked a man to death he should face justice.