Family Of Teens In Stolen Car, Who Caused Crash, Get Payday From Victim's Insurance Company

Teens Speeding In Stolen Vehicle On Overnight Crime Spree Crashed Into Vehicle's Vehicle

St. Petersburg, FL – A victim's insurance company paid out a large sum to the family of teens who crashed a stolen vehicle into their victim, leaving him in a wheelchair.

On August 6, four teens in a stolen, speeding car crashed into a vehicle being driven by Ricky Melendez.

Melendez survived the crash, but is now confined to a wheelchair with increasing medical bills, according to Fox 13.

Geico, Melendez’ insurance company, has paid $20,000 as a payout to the families of the teens, even though they were responsible for the crash.

The insurance company has paid nothing to Melendez, whose medical bills are now over $50,000.

The crash occurred at the intersection of Tampa Road and US 19 in the early morning hours of August 6. Melendez was on his way to work, and sitting at a red light.

Four teens, including the 16-year-old driver, were speeding in a stolen vehicle when they crashed into Melendez’ car.

The teens had been on an all-night crime spree, and their combined criminal records totaled more than 100 arrests.

The teens’ stolen vehicle rolled several times after the crash, and then caught fire. Three teens died inside the vehicle, including the driver.

The fourth teen was thrown through the windshield and survived.

Melendez said that he “relives the nightmare daily.”

He said, “I might not be here right now and it’s really hard to think about something like that.”

In the police report, Melendez was determined to have no fault in the crash.

He said that even though he wasn’t found at fault that his insurance costs will most likely go up. Mark Roman, Melendez’ attorney, is trying to find out who filed the claim.

Roman said, “I would love to look in the eyes of the family accepting the money and ask them if they can sleep at night.”

Melendez said that not receiving assistance from Geico “just ripped his heart out.” He said that it was “a punch in the gut.”

He said that he just wanted to get his story out, and that he doesn’t want or expect a profit.

100 arrests between the four of them?? That’s just mind boggling!! I hope Geico will pay the victim’s claims now that it’s out in the public-poor guy : (


Utter nonsense. Typical bs you see today.

Also perp is always the inner city victim andno unstands he has no father and is on welfare and no guidance. People have to held accountable for their actions. We live in a society of laws not social empathy. I grew up poor followed the law became a cop and made a life for my self and started a family and live a humble life. Didnt blame society for growing up as a poor kid in ny. Went to school and took test to be a cop becuase i saw the benefits and could do a good deed. Now retired and on my next evoloution of my life to do something else. Being poor is no excuse to commit crimes. Work hard fight your way to a decent job and make something of ones self. Black lives matter narrative is total bs and antifa narrative is bs. Its not 1950 its 2017 everyone has a fair shot at becoming something.


Inspiring Comment- and Insight, Bronx163.


Very inspiring Bronx163. You get out of life what you put into it. That's the way I always felt. No one should have material goals as the only site their eyes are on. God sees all things. Best to have God in your back pocket at all times. And what's with these kids arrest records?? I doubt they learned all that on their own. Neighborhoods need to band together for the good. Run the drug dealers out. Go to church. Preach the word. Praise God on every street corner instead of hustling. I don't know what the answer is. Truly I have never lived in government housing, if this was the case. But a wire chain link fence separated our house and the projects. That was it. Used to go skating and bike riding with my friends in the project. We all rode in the back of the city bus because it was the bumpiest. I don't recall any one in the projects that had a defeated attitude. This was the 50's 60's 70's and 80's. The only thing I see changed is God has been removed.


So the kids essentially killed themselves, but their families are getting paid while the victim (so far) has received nothing from the whole situation except being stuck in a wheelchair. Sounds like liberal logic to me.


Sounds like it's time to boycott Geico!


Welcome to the world of liberals control. Unless there is something major left out of this story this is so very wrong.


It depends on his policy if he gets anything or not. Also, it is cheaper to pay the families policy limits than pay a lawyer to defend a lawsuit.

Sounds like a business decision by Geico and the victim only had liability insurance. Not Geico's fault. He should try to sue the kids families (but then he'd be called the bad guy for suing a dead teen's family), I'd do it anyway and I'd come to every court date and news conference in a wheelchair that had to be pushed by a family member.