Drug Dealer Posts His Business On Facebook Live, Gets Unwelcome Attention

Jeff Kirk Used Facebook Lives To Drive Around Town Doing Drug Deal; Police Respond

Milwaukee, Wisconsin – An alleged drug dealer has been charged with running a mobile drug house after he posted a 40-minute Facebook video showing drugs and guns.

Jeff Kirk used his car as his office and his cellphone as a transmitter to broadcast his drug dealing, police said according to WXII News 12 TV.

Kirk broadcast a 40-minute feed as he drove around Milwaukee with a semi-automatic rifle and handgun while selling marijuana, the TV station reported.

Police said the Facebook live video showed Kirk driving up to his home, where a woman he called mom brought him a bag of marijuana.

Fox6Now TV reported that Kirk can be seen talking with people in the video who are also posting on Facebook Live. Kirk told them to call his phone in the video and can be seen answering phone messages in which he takes orders for marijuana.

Kirk can also be seen holding a clear plastic bag that appeared to contain a plant-like substance, according to the criminal complaint.

Two guns can also be seen in the video. The video shows the stock of a Kel-Tec Sub 2000 9mm semi-automatic rifle. There is also video of a black semi-automatic Glock handgun that has a red laser beam.

Someone recorded Kirk’s broadcast and forwarded it Sept. 10 to the police. Police then arrested Kirk on Oct. 5 at his girlfriend’s house where they said they seized two guns, a bulletproof vest, marijuana and $1,400.

Fox6Now reported that Kirk admitted to owning the two guns and admitted that it was him in the video.

Kirk is being held in the Milwaukee County Jail and faces eight felonies, WXII News 12 reported.

Kirk, 20, is facing four counts of manufacture/deliver THC and four counts of possession of a firearm by adjudicated delinquent, according to Fox6 Now TV.

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