Totally, definitely safer: when I'm in a burning building, please, pour more fire on! You gotta use the technology that got us in here in the first place. If guns got us here, only way out is to shoot our way out! Don't forget Good Guy with the Gun reduces the victory of the Bad Guy with the Gun only after the Bad Guy with the Gun has shot and killed first!

It definitely makes society less safer.

for criminals

I have spoken to police officers about this and received a mixed response. Some police, typically beat cops who find themselves chasing suspects through backyards lament a fear of a citizen coming out shooting because they have experienced residents coming out their doors with a gun (typically a shotgun) to investigate a disturbance on their property. Others have stated that citizens need to protect themselves because they cannot be everywhere at once and it takes precious time to dispatch to situations.

You've hit all the important points: breakdown of the family, the dangers of psychoactive drugs, and more. I wish your piece could be published in a wider forum—it's a careful analysis of the causes of violence in schools. Boys are not being well-served in public schools, and the belief that their normalcy must be medicated is horrifying.