Check out the "promise" Obama and Eric Holder. You will see what has been going on behind parents back.

Just now catching up on these worthless conversations. Here is the gist of my "black folk knowledge". I was in the 5th grade when integration of schools started in the south. I went to high school at a majority black high school. All during high school I worked Wednesday night and Sunday night cooking food for a black church in my community in Red River Parish, Louisiana. My father (USAF Ret.) owned a small country store and we donated food and our services to True Vine Baptist Church (a pure African-American church). We feed and assisted young and elderly black folk in the church community. My father and I had a wonderful relationship with all of the black community in the 1970s . I was also saved and baptized in a black Methodist church in Brandon, MS. I have attended countless dinners, parties , festivals, reunions and church revivals where I was a white speck in a sea of black. In Viet-Nam, I had black leadership, black pilots, black door gunners and the list goes on. Every February I put on black history programs in our educational division. I teach under served black kids and adults in my community. I am a firefighter as well. I will go in to save a black person just as fast as a white person. So don't even start your half ass racism BS. You can challenge me all you want about the black race and culture changes that have happened in the last 20 years. You will loose every time. I have the advantage of age, wisdom and tact. You are just a disgruntled black guy that thinks like the liberals do you associate with. Get this... the black communities OWN their problems, good or bad. The black race is responsible for their actions. Not old white people, not white hate groups, not the schools. You see, most of the poor and uneducated blacks come from a chain of issues. The moral character in the black culture is breaking down at an alarming rate. Just look at the crime alone when you factor in ratios of crime per ethnic group and group population comparison. I call that EVIDENCE. I have lived long enough to see it. Perpetrated by the U.S. Government. A large number of blacks have fallen victim to the "Government Plantation" due to the fact the Democrats secure votes this way. Why do you think democrats want so many illegal's here? To get votes. They are the new poor, on assistance from a system that was designed only for US citizens and limited time at that. So keep your ghetto smack talk to yourself and really do something for your race. Hell, it sounds like I am blacker than you.

Lonely white guys... you haven't been to New Orleans lately. Every white person down here packs heat. Why...because the black criminal thugs that run the streets assaulting, robbing, and sometimes killing white people. They won't try to rob their own kind because their own kind has nothing to get. As Hillary Clinton called them "super predators". Just another name for a rat bag black street thug. Your race has problems that are getting exploited by the media. Remember LBJ Democratic party president of the US. said "If you give them negros a little something in the form of welfare...they will be voting democrat for the next 40 years" He was right. I call that evidence as well. Blacks fell for it hook, line , and sinker. Can you see it? Blacks lined up for this new $government check$ , just like sheep. This is when it all went bad.

@coldheartedorb are you still using the term 'racist' wrong? I think you are. I'm not better than anyone because of my race, and I've never said as much. don't be so sensitive.

But, what I said was fact. When an extemist thinks "American," do you think they see someone that looks more like me, or someone that looks more like you?

Of course we will be safer

Totally, definitely safer: when I'm in a burning building, please, pour more fire on! You gotta use the technology that got us in here in the first place. If guns got us here, only way out is to shoot our way out! Don't forget Good Guy with the Gun reduces the victory of the Bad Guy with the Gun only after the Bad Guy with the Gun has shot and killed first!

It definitely makes society less safer.


I have spoken to police officers about this and received a mixed response. Some police, typically beat cops who find themselves chasing suspects through backyards lament a fear of a citizen coming out shooting because they have experienced residents coming out their doors with a gun (typically a shotgun) to investigate a disturbance on their property. Others have stated that citizens need to protect themselves because they cannot be everywhere at once and it takes precious time to dispatch to situations.

You've hit all the important points: breakdown of the family, the dangers of psychoactive drugs, and more. I wish your piece could be published in a wider forum—it's a careful analysis of the causes of violence in schools. Boys are not being well-served in public schools, and the belief that their normalcy must be medicated is horrifying.