DEVELOPING: 1 Dallas Cop Has Non-Survivable Injury, Other Cop Shot In Face

A male officer shot in the head has non-survivable injuries, and a female officer was shot in the face.

Dallas, TX - A female Dallas police officer was shot in the face Tuesday and is in critical condition, and a 27-year-old male officer was shot in the back of the head and will not survive his injuries.

Another person working security was also shot and is also in critical condition, and it's not clear at this time if that person was an off-duty police officer.

Multiple news outlets report that the male officer had died, but WFAA advises that the officer is mortally wounded and is only being kept alive until his mother can arrive at the hospital to say goodbye.

The incident happened at the Home Depot in the 11,000 block of Forest Central Drive just before 4:30 p.m.

The security officer called police for a shoplifting suspect at the store with a theft warrant. Two Dallas PD officers arrived and there was a confrontation where the Dallas PD officers and the security person were shot.

All three were transported to Presbyterian Hospital in extremely critical condition.

An active manhunt is underway for the shooter. Police have identified that suspect as Armando Juarez.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the officers and their families.

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No reason to arrest this POS. He should be shot resisting.


More heartbreaking news. Prayers being prayed for the officers, their families, & all Dallas PD officers & their families! Please Dear Lord! Hold all of these people in Your Arms & ease their grief & suffering! Please! No more hatred & division!


He should be taken alive so the families of the victims can take part in the slow slow painful death of the SCUM!

You know the Mayor of Dallas was just giving a press conference asking the media to be responsible and respect the officers' family and not put out information on the officers' conditions. And the one media outlet that supposed to be 100% for cops, does the complete opposite. I never liked this POS site, and I hope many other officers will realize just how much of a big bag of assholes the creators of this site truly are. If your thoughts and prayers were truly with the families, you assholes would not put the officers' conditions out there until the department was ready to release it. Fucking idiots!


I hope they capture him and execute his family as a message to all those who would try something similar.

Hope this pos resists arrests.

Prayers for the officers and their families and friends. God Bless the Blue!

I see they took him down, I’m gonna go out on a limb here and wager to say.....he’s a illegal immigrant!


This POS will probably stand trial, be convicted, sent to the clinker, and we, the American citizens, will pay and pay for these scum bags that kill are police officers.

Not a slow painful death it will be a Long drawn out trial then many years of trying to keep from the death penalty Shoot the Scum of the Earth take him straight to HELL

Why would it matter if they reported on the officer’s conditions? They didn’t release any information the department didn’t release themselves.

Stop with your nonsense.

100% agree

So sorry this happened. Praying for the families and the other Dallas Officers.

I can't even begin to express how my heart aches for these officers familes.
Now it angers me to see in these comments about the assailant immigration status. Really, dont you think that this article would have stated him being illegal! It doesn't at all! But because he was of Hispanic descent it automatically makes him illegal. The fact that this even matters is despicable of people.

OMFG, how awesome is that? A head shot AND a face shot! Nice work!

Another gang-banger can rest in piss. Wonder why a majority of reasoned Americans cheer when one of you blue-costumed sodomites gets clipped?

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Brother, don't take the bait. I'm guilty of it too. He is just a new troll, or an old one with a new name. He will go away if ignored.