Deputy Arrested For Stealing Nazi Flag

A deputy has been charged, and suspended from duty, for stealing a Nazi flag from a white supremacist.

​Ulysses, PA – A McKean County Sheriff’s deputy has been charged with multiple offenses after he allegedly entered a white supremacist leader’s yard and removed a Nazi flag.

The incident occurred on Jan. 21, when Deputy Colin Meeker was serving court papers at approximately 4 p.m., the Olean Times Herald reported.

According to neo-Nazi National Socialist Movement Director Daniel Burnside, the uniformed deputy got out of his marked patrol car, and climbed over a safety wall on the side of the road, to get onto his property.

Burnside said that Deputy Meeker then came approximately 15 feet onto his property, where he proceeded to remove Burnside’s flag from a flagpole.

The deputy took the flag to his patrol car, and left the scene, Burnside said.

“The deputy abused his trust as a sheriff's deputy,” he told the Independent Journal Review. “He was on duty in the county sheriff's car, in uniform, in daylight.”

According to the Olean Times Herald, the flag depicted a Nazi swastika, with a skull and crossbones in the center, as well as Iron Crosses and SS insignia.

Burnside said he called McKean County Sheriff Dan Woods, and told him that if the deputy who took his flag would return it and apologize to him, he would not pursue charges.

Deputy Meeker and a second deputy returned to Burnside’s residence and apologized, he said.

“It wasn’t until he returned my damaged flag that I learned his name,” Burnside told the Olean Times Herald.

But when he asked Deputy Meeker to come inside to issue a videotaped apology, the deputy refused.

Burnside said he deduced that the deputy “had no remorse for his actions,” and described him as “very unprofessional,” the Olean Times Herald reported.

He then contacted the state police and reported the incident, which he declared was an attempt to “stifle” his First Amendment rights.

“He was using the taxpayer’s money – his salary and use of the car – to carry out his own selfish agenda,” Burnside told the Independent Journal Review.

Pennsylvania State Police Sergeant Kerby Young confirmed that Deputy Meeker was under investigation, and that he has been suspended without pay.

According to court documents, Deputy Meeker was charged on Jan. 22 with criminal mischief, trespass, theft, and receiving stolen property.

His next court hearing was scheduled for Feb. 9.

The National Socialist Movement is “one of the largest and most prominent neo-Nazi groups in the United States,” according to Newsweek.

Over the past 24 years, the movement has amassed more than 60 chapters in at least 35 states.

Many of the group’s members have donned full Nazi uniforms at protests over the years, Newsweek reported.

@Thinblueline "my narrative", as in making Nazis feel as uncomfortable as possible? I'll take that.

I'll never understand why at one point, I had family members whose motto for Nazis was "fuck them up on sight."

Now it's "well let's hear what they have to say."

@RussellSR nazis are a long proven enemy to the country. Free speech isn't supposed to be for those championing the downfall of democracy.

To your last point the same can be said about people that burn the American flag. But I’ve seen you on here defending their right to do so.

I won’t defend some white supremacist shit head, but I will ask you to be ideologically consistent.

@Heezels antifa and the alt-right are comparable. Neither of those groups are comparable to Nazis. In my personal opinion, and with my and my family's background, Nazis do not deserve treatment that Americans recieve. Especially when they are actively, in speech and action, declaring they will overthrow the US.

BLM, KKK, Antifa, whoever else's you want to put in that group have not gone that far. Only the Bundy Ranch Terrorists and neo Nazis are talking that bullshit right now.

@JBo I recognize what he did was illegal. I congratulated him for risking his career to make his point.


I'll go so far as to donate to his legal fund if he so chooses to make that a public option. Fuck Nazis.

Micah Johnson was a black supremacist that heavily agreed with some of the core tenants of the BLM movement. I understand that that doesn’t make him a BLM activist, I believe they denounced his actions. But he does hold an ideological kinship with them. Same thing goes for the pulse nightclub shooter, Timothy mcveigh, the buddy ranch goons, and the like.

But I’d pose this important point. Either freedom of speech is a right to all, or it is a right to no one. I hate white supremacists. I hate them. But I understand that upholding their right to free speech upholds my right to call them out on their stupidity. If it comes to violence, then I will defend myself.

I understand your frustrations, but being a tyrant in the process doesn’t help matters.


@Heezels I get your point. It's my bias and my bias alone for not giving an inch to Nazis, since we fought a whole war against them. and I'm totally willing to go to jail myself to whoop their asses. In fact, I almost have.

Recall an incident a few years ago in Anaheim where neo-nazis tried to hold a hate rally, and one of the leaders ended up getting stabbed by their own flag pole? I didn't do the stabbing, but I did do some fighting.

@Heezels I even draw a line between white supremacists/KKK and Nazis. Nazism is a legit worldwide political group that has mostly been held at bay. I just personally don't even want them held at bay. I want them eradicated.

There have been some legitimate ways people have used sophistication to best Nazi shitheads. I remember in Germany they held an event where people donated money to various anti-nazi charities, utilizing the amount of steps the Nazi marched as an indicator for donations.

Completely legal, beautifully executed, and a perfect example letting the Nazis hang them selves with their own rope (metaphorically speaking). I’m personally against most groups that are ideologically flawed, and criminally militant. Even if they are just throwing rocks or marching. But I try to let them speak for themselves.

Hell its the only reason why I put up with your persistent banter. Otherwise I would have checked out long ago.


Personally I would throw the KKK under the same bus as the Nazi's since they also have a very bloddy history in this country. No they have not risen to the ranks of Nazi Germany, but they are just as capable of killing. I am a white male who grew up in Minnesota. I was not exposed to racism as a child. In fact I never even talked to a black person until I was in basic training. His name was Roy Ash. One of the coolest people I ever met. Maybe my sheltered life helped, and my meeting a man like Roy set the tone for my life of not fearing black people. After all, racism comes from fear. I hate stories like this because it reflects on all white people. We are all brought down a little by people like this. I also commend the officer for taking a stand. Sometimes you have to break the law to do the right thing.

@Sickandtired nice, I didn't know you were a veteran. I was a Navy brat, so I always grew up around every race.

I totally feel what you're saying about the KKK. I'm a black man who grew up mostly in Virginia. I wasn't at all exonerating those clownfucks, and personally they can all die in the same fire.

But, the one concession I give them over Nazis is, even though their speech is just as hate filled and their actions nearly just as damaging, they have never organized to overthrow the US government (not to my knowledge anyway).

@Hi_estComnDenomn that is quite a stretch to compare the Bundy's to neo Nazis or even put them in the same category.


@b1rd not a stretch at all. They have both expressed overthrowing the governement. Read and respond to my whole statement and stop cherry picking.

To some extent the kkk we’re remanents of confederate ideology and identity. So they we’re quite literally at one point sympathetic to insurgents, that conspired against the government.

But that could be seen as a stretch.

@Hi_estComnDenomn you trying to be the posting police around here again? Trying to tell people how to and how not to respond to people? Tell ya what, try following your own advice before trying to run how someone else how to post things here.

@Hi_estComnDenomn since you claim the Bundy's are terrorist, please show me with a legitimate reference that they have been officially designated a terrorist group.

@Heezels I'm talking about right now. Bundy Terrorists and Neo-Nazis are calling for government overthrow right now, today.

@Hi_estComnDenomn we know you are capable of lying to your parents so your stating "Bundy Terrorists" wolud more than likely be false. Please provide a legitimate reference that they have been officially designated terrorist.

I understand. I’m simply saying the KKK in its height were anti government proponents of the old south. They even tried infiltrating the government as a means of defining policy that would help them repress black development.

There’s a greater conspiracy that they would rather have black families on entitlements, to keep them effectively beholden to the government, and cutting off their ability to naturally interact with the economy, but to some extent it’s all coincidental.

I’m just saying, things do get ugly when anti-government ideologues graduate to being pathological agents of the state.