Dan Bilzerian Purchased Police Credentials From Shell 'Police Agency'

Dan Bilzerian claimed he was a cop when he tried to take a gun from a police officer during the Las Vegas shooting.

Lake Arthur, New Mexico – SEAL washout Dan Bilzerian has collected 23 million Instagram followers by claiming to be some sort of badass operator to all of his fans, but now he's been exposed for paying for worthless police credentials.

Bilzerian was present during the Stephen Paddock Las Vegas shooting and showed his true colors as he had somebody record him running around, watching people die without helping them, and trying to take a gun from a cop while claiming to be a police officer.

The Instagram star should be unqualified to be a police officer considering his confessions about his heavy drug use and criminal charges.

After the shooting, Blue Lives Matter was unable to locate any law enforcement agency that would claim Bilzerian, and now we know why.

Larry Barker with KRQE reports that the "agency" that provided Bilzerian with credentials is a shell agency that doesn't have a real police force, and Bilzerian has allegedly been paying them hundreds of dollars per year in exchange for worthless credentials.

Barker's investigation found that the city of Lake Arthur, New Mexico, initially established an all-reserve police force in order to police the town with a population with 430. However, none of the reserve officers had to pass any accredited law enforcement training, and most don't even live in the state.

KRQE reports that the town's uncertified "Police Chief" Will Norwood gave out law enforcement credentials to his friends and quasi-celebrities from around the country in exchange for $400 per year "dues."

The list includes "Lone Survivor" Marcus Luttrell, ex-SEALs Robert O'Neil and Andrew Arrabito, SEAL washout Dan Bilzerian, billionaire Robert Mercer, and martial arts experts Royce and Royler Gracie and David Adiv.

These "reserve officers" are presumably using their credentials in order to carry concealed firearms under the federal Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act (LEOSA.) However, LEOSA requires that officers to be “employed” by the agency, and have statutory powers of arrest, which these untrained "reserve" officers don't have.

Bodyguards for billionaires Charles and David Koch are also on the roster of "officers" without arrest authority, and Bloomberg reports that they have been unlawfully carrying concealed weapons under that false authority.

It’s not clear if any of the “officers” on the 110-member department roster were aware that their credentials did not grant them the authority to carry a firearm under LEOSA.

After extra media attention focused on Lake Arthur's "police department," the mayor said that they have revoked all credentials and are eliminating the "department."

Non-officer Bilzerian is also known for his feud with Medal of Honor recipient, Dakota Meyer after Bilzerian called the hero a "retard."

“Some Marine was saying that I was a p**sy for running away and that I should have stood my ground when the guy was shooting at me with a machine gun,” Bilzerian said at the time. “So, I mean if we follow that retard’s logic we’d probably have 600 dead if everyone stood their ground instead of running for cover.”

The Instagram star then allegedly shared Meyer's wife's phone number and encouraged people to prank call her.

It's not clear if Bilzerian still claims to be a police officer as he works to launch his "global cannabis brand."

You can see the video of Bilzerian claiming to be a cop below:

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