Cops better go after the schools and especially the universities who teach these kids to tell cops they are racists and to fuck off. When I grew up in the 1960's if a cop told me to take my foot off a seat on a train, I did so. Today kids are taught by professors to tell the cop to go fuck off and immediately play the race card.

Totally agree 👆🏻👆🏻

Race card or not, police do not have absolute authority over anybody. Only when a crime has been committed are they permitted to use the authority given to them by us.

Lol authoritiy given by us??? Wow all this time I thought laws giving law enforcement authority was given by legislative branch of government, good to know its the citizens that make laws. I got a new law. Dumb people should be force to go back to elementary school, regardless of how old they are. 😂

Police cannot go after the schools, only the citizens of this state can force the State School Board to go after the teachers and the curriculum. Then they run into the Teachers Union and at the college level it is even worse getting rid of bad teachers...