Convicted Murderer Allegedly Served Boyfriend's Barbecued Remains To Neighbors

Kelly Cochran has been convicted of the murders of her husband and boyfriend, and allegedly has nine other victims.

Iron River, MI – The former neighbors of a woman convicted of killing her husband and boyfriend said they believed the woman may have fed them the barbecued remains of her boyfriend’s dismembered body, an upcoming true crime documentary revealed.

Those who were closest to 34-year-old Kelly Cochran claimed she was also responsible for the murders of as many as nine additional men, and that she buried their bodies in various locations across the Midwest, the IndyStar reported.

The two-part documentary, titled “True North,” is scheduled to air on Investigation Discovery on May 28 and 29.

The story was told from the perspective of former Iron River Police chief Laura Frizzo, who became familiar with Kelly and her husband, Jason Cochran, in 2014, as she was investigating the disappearance of 51-year-old Chris Regan.

Chief Frizzo learned that Kelly had an affair with Regan, but the circumstances of his disappearance remained a mystery until February of 2016, when Jason, 37, died of a suspected heroin overdose, the Independent reported.

Investigators later learned that Kelly had injected Jason with heroin, then smothered him to death, KTVI reported.

She went on the run, but was ultimately apprehended in Kentucky in April of 2016 in relation to her husband’s death.

Kelly later admitted that she and Jason had agreed that if either of them had an extramarital affair, they would “kill off” the offending partner’s lover, the IndyStar reported.

According to KTVI, Kelly lured Regan to her home in 2014, and he was subsequently shot by Jason. The couple then dismembered Regan’s body, and buried his remains in a forested area, court documents said.

Kelly told investigators that she later murdered Jason in revenge for Regan’s murder.

In May of 2017, Kelly was sentenced to life in prison for Regan’s death, the IndyStar reported.

On April 18, she was sentenced to an additional 65 years in prison in relation to Jason’s murder.

According to the documentary, Kelly’s brother, Colton Gaboyan, came forward as the cases were pending, and alleged that his sister may have killed nine other men, the Independent reported.

The locations of the victims’ bodies were not disclosed during Investigation Discovery’s release.

If the allegations are true, Kelly would be one of the worst female serial killers in modern American history, the Independent reported.

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