City Employee Tells Store To Remove Military Flags, Tells Veteran He Did Nothing

A Jacksonville city inspector ordered a business to take down their U.S. military flags.

Jacksonville, FL – The mayor of Jacksonville has declared that a store may keep its U.S. military flags up after a city inspector ordered them to be removed.

On Monday, a Jacksonville city inspector entered the Jaguar Power Sports dealership, demanded that their display of military flags be removed, and told a military veteran that he “did nothing for this country,” according to store employees

City inspector Melinda Power went into the dealership at about noon on April 16 and announced that the flags the business was flying on the roof were in violation of city code, WJXT reported.

The rooftop display included a flag for each branch of the U.S. military, two American flags, and one Jacksonville Jaguars flag, WXIN reported.

“We cater to our men and women, both retired and active military, so it was personal,” store manager Marcy Moyer told WJXT. “We felt like it was a personal attack.”

While Power issued a written warning citation for illegal display of flags on a roof, a customer inside the store spoke up. He told the inspector that he felt it was wrong to force the business to remove flags that support the U.S. military.

The unnamed customer also happened to be a military veteran.

"She says, 'What did you do for this country?'” employee Katie Klasse recounted. “He says, 'I took three bullets to the leg. I almost lost my leg for this country. I'm retired. I'm a veteran.'”

“She gets in his face this close and says, 'You did nothing for this country,'" Klasse said.

Surveillance footage showed Power as she thrust her finger in the man’s face, just before she stalked out of the building.

Jaguar Power Sports decided they would not heed Power's warning to remove their flags, and instead posted a Facebook video about the incident on their business page.

Tripping over his own words because he was so angry, Sean told the story of how a city employee came into their business and insulted a military veteran.

“We just had the city of Jacksonville here, on site, to cite us for our military flags. That’s right. We just got a ticket in the city of Jacksonville – military-bound city – for flying military flags. They cited us for every flag… a lady by the name of Melinda Power that works for the city of Jacksonville regulatory compliance department said to one of our customers in store… he was questioning her on it because he was shot three times at war… she says to him ‘you’ve done nothing for our country,’” Sean explained.

“With all the other crap going on around town, they’re citing us, the business owner, for flying military flags in a military town. Are you serious right now?” the clearly frustrated man asked, and then called on viewers to share the video and contact the mayor of Jacksonville.

The video had been viewed more than 5 million times, and shared almost 250,000 times as of Tuesday morning.

Within hours of the video being posted, Jacksonville Mayor Lenny Curry issued two tweets, and said he had “directed city staff that military flags should be treated [the] same as [the] U.S. flag.”

“Let them fly,” Curry wrote. “We support our military and veterans, and we appreciate businesses who honor their service.”

According to WJXT, Curry’s chief of staff, Brian Hughes, said that the mayor’s office was “disturbed by some of the claims made” regarding Power, and that they were “reviewing the facts.”

Melinda Power needs to be fired!!! Fired for not only her actions but the way she displayed them. Oh I am sure she will come up with tears & all kinds of apologies when she loses her job but no one needs that type of person in the position she holds... she if a poor reflection to everyone in that office...terminate her & do it now


You are correct. Employees do this when they feel they are entitled to and it is an expected work habit. She should be expected to tell why she felt she could do this and who allowed her to do this. Follow the trail up. You know it floats. Pathetic human.


Someone's comment said she needed to tarred and feathered. I live in Iowa and would more than happy to drive to Jacksonville and DO JUST THAT, except I'd use boiling HOT tar, not just tar by itself at room temp!!! In other words, FCKK THAT BITCH!!!

she should not be fired because she said take down the flag(YES SHE SHOULD), she should be fired for incompetence(and she is a pig)

FIRE Melinda Power Leny Cury


Your analogy to this situation is so spot on! Good Job!

People are imperfect. I feel that her actions were 100% wrong. I don't want to see her fired. I would like to see her apologize face to face to the people she had contact with, and not "I'm sorry...." but "I apologise for my behavior...." and/or "I regret what I said......". Hold her personally accountable. Maybe she could learn from this. If she loses her job over this one incident, she will blame the others. Now, if she is or becomes a repeat offender, she's out.

Hold a self-righteous female government employee responsible for their actions? Surely you jest.




Hand her a rifle, ship her fat azz to Afghanistan and let her do "nothing" for her country!


Well, IMHO, the proper response by the store's owner to Melinda have been 1) what have YOU done for your country, and 2) kindly remove your ass from my store.


The past couple years have seen a dramatic rise in hate-driven occurrences in our country, coupled with inadequate responses by those individuals that we citizens have entrusted to keep the peace. Too often, people justify their behavior by referring to their leaders’ example. Our leaders MUST show by example what attitudes and behaviors are acceptable, and what will NOT be tolerated! Yes, that IS your job, man!


Air if you need help I'd be MORE than happy to help


This is the behavior of so many govt officials...the Bureaucratic is the most dangerous people in the USA, they wield power like dictators. Her bias and arrogance is obvious. She needs to be fired or at least reigned in...she is abusing her position....she works for the people and should honor that the trust that she was given. Apparently she is a leftist loony who got a city job and believes she is the master of all others fate. Liberal Privilege is rampant in govt, education and other areas that touch the public personally.


She should never be hired anywhere, except maybe a burger flipping joint, where people can go spit in her face.

Fully agree. They made police & Fire cars & trucks remove flag stickers from their vehicles in NYC & other places, a few years ago. They actually were able to do that!!! Totally disgusting! Try to tell any foreigner here to take their flag down...see what happens. Lawsuit & they’d win! But they would NEVER tell any foreigners to remove the flags of their country here, in America. Really SICK. God Bless & Keep President Trump!

They arent telling the whole story here. She wasnt there originally to cite the guy for the flags. She was there to cite him for parking his recreational vehicles on the sidewalk preventing people from using it. He gave her an argument she left and came back a few hours later with her boss...THEN cited them for the flags. The vet really shouldve stayed out of the situation since it was between the inspector and business owner. The very first night, the Mayor rescinded the citation, she was suspended and the next day offered apology. The store owner has a long history with the city. Btw, technically, the inspector was within her rights to cite him for 8 flags- the city code says ONE flag. Im not saying what she said to the vet was right (it wasnt) BUT...lets look at ALL the facts. The store owner has made sure this story stays in the local news for at least a week now...Im pretty sure everyone in Jacksonville knows where his store is at and what the name of it is. And...it was in our news yet again tonight because the Mayor ordered that all military flags be exempted from the 1 flag rule in the city sign ordinance.

Gee thanks for telling the whole story, which changes nothing!

They have been put in place by past administrations. We are in the process of draining swamp. They are the bloodsuckers of the swamp creatures! Team Trump!


Let us know when she's no longer a 'city employee.'