Churches Band Together To Vow Never To Call Police

A handful of churches have said they will train parishioners to handle dangerous situations on their own without police.

Oakland, CA – A handful of churches have announced that they have teamed up with the anti-police group Showing Up for Racial Justice, and that they would no longer contact law enforcement for help or to report law violations.

First Congregational Church of Oakland volunteer leader Nichola Torbett said that the church decided to “divest” from policing, because they believed law enforcement officers had unfairly targeted “black and brown bodies,” The Washington Post reported.

“Can this actually be reformed, when it was actually created for the unjust distribution of resources or to police black and brown bodies?” Torbett asked.

According to the Showing Up for Racial Justice website, the group aimed to “lift up alternative visions for community that are rooted in love, justice, and collective liberation.”

“White people of faith have a special responsibility to interrupt a process that seeks to mobilize our community against our neighbors of color,” the site read.

The website also included links for purchasing Black Lives Matter yard signs, banners, buttons, and decals.

“All proceeds go to Black Lives Matter,” the site proudly proclaimed.

It't not clear who is actually getting the money, because "Black Lives Matter" is not a legal entity capable of receiving donations.

The project has recruited three additional congregations in the Bay Area, as well as one in Iowa City, The Washington Post reported.

The Northern California Nevada Conference of the United Church of Christ has also launched a campaign to recruit additional churches to join the movement.

“It’s a big ask to invite us, as white folks, to think differently about what safety means,” United Church of Christ Reverend Anne Dunlap said.

Instead of calling police, the churches have begun training members of their congregations in de-escalation and self-defense tactics, so that they would be prepared to handle potentially dangerous situations on their own, The Washington Post reported.

But being based in California, they made it clear that self-defense didn't involve the use of firearms.

“Our goal is to never call the police,” Torbett said, adding that none of the volunteers would ever be armed.

The movement’s leaders claimed they have not asked members of their congregations to forgo turning to law enforcement for matters outside the church, but said they hoped they would choose to do so, The Washington Post reported.

Dunlap said that resisting police was part of her obligation as a religious leader.

“You’re talking about state violence against communities. You have to speak up and take a stand about that,” she said. “There’s not a way to reform our way out of police violence but to dismantle policing as a system.”

Actually I think this is a good idea.
It can accompany the idea of splitting the state into two states then letting the coastal region, LA to Frisco, secede. We would still have 50 states.
After that the LA to Frisco region could get rid of all the police and let the communities police themselves with all the de-escalation techniques they want.
They could also be in total control of their own immigration plans.
It is a win win situation for everyone. No need to change our flag either.


Frigging idiots! We'll see how that works out.

"White Silence is Violence"????? Seems to me the "silence" of black community leaders about the 50--year enslavement of their community by the democratic party-imposed welfare system & the refusal of many blacks to break the chains of poverty, drug abuse, etc. that are holding them bondage is the REAL violence these "churches" need to address. As a faithful Catholic, I put the word "churches" in quotation marks because real churches proclaim & teach the Gospel of Our Lord, serve the needs of the poor, etc. They don't continually stir up trouble for cities.


These churches have made themselves even softer targets. Now those wishing to do harm know that the authorities won’t be called.

Yep, let them clean out their gene pool on their own. works for me.

These so-called "churches" should not receive Fire and EMS services either...

Let them see to it themselves !

That's a risky thing to not call the police for emergencies. White supremacists like Dylan Roof and @runcop the ChumpCop have been destroying black churches and killing parishioners for centuries. This idea with the church is a bad idea.

What a shame..🙁

It's a little hard to swallow you being Catholic and saying churches shouldn't be stirring up trouble.

I mean, touching boys and all is pretty troublesome.

Ok, it's their right to choose not to call the police. But good luck with that - they may as well just hang a sign outside of their homes that says "We don't call the cops - all scum welcome!".


If they are called out for a shooting they can refuse to go til area is cleared by police

And bring your guns

Yes, good luck with that! And interested to know what self-defense they are teaching the parishioners to handle a person with an AR-15 pointed at them.


I seriously think this is an awesome idea.
OMG I can't wait.

This is all hot air.
Nothing will happen.
When their 15 minutes of liberal pussy fame is up, they'll be a distant memory.
They can go back to being uber guilty self hating crackers.

What a bunch of idiots!


This seems like a joke to me. Something one might find in the Onion. If not a joke, well good luck people. Somehow I think if it ever really hits the fan, these idiots will be the first on 911 calling for the big, mean police to rush there to help them. Bet I am correct about that. By the way, what about mandatory reporting laws for abuse against children. Happens in churches. I wonder if there is another agenda going on here.


Laughable Fools. CA...no surprise here.

Wait till these
idiots at these Churches 😠 really get into a dangerous situation and need the help of are fine Officers in Blue 💙💙

These are "progressive" churches. The United Church of Christ is the Reverend Jeremiah Wright church, if that gives you an idea. It's the far Left political churches.