Chelsea Manning Tweets 'F**k The Police' On LEO Appreciation Day

Chelsea Manning used Law Enforcement Appreciation Day as an opportunity to trash police on Twitter.

​Bethesda, MD - Chelsea Manning, the transgender former soldier at the heart of the 2010 WikiLeaks scandal, posted “f**k the police” on Twitter on Jan. 9, which was Law Enforcement Appreciation Day.

Manning added the hashtags #DisarmThePolice, #WeGotThis, and #LawEnforcementAppreciationDay to her vulgar Jan. 9 tweet.

316,000 people follow Manning on Twitter.

Manning was known as Bradley Manning, a U.S. Army soldier, when he was court-martialed for espionage in 2013 after having leaked 750,000 documents, many of them classified, to WikiLeaks.

After his conviction, Manning was sent to the Fort Leavenworth military prison. While he was serving time, Manning announced that he identified as a woman, and transitioned to become “Chelsea.”

President Barack Obama commuted Manning’s 35-year sentence in January of 2017. She had served only three years of her sentence when she was released from prison.

Since her release, Manning has become an activist for transsexual military personnel, and spends a lot of time on social media, where she’s known for her over usage of emojis.

It was no surprise that she followed her initial anti-police tweet with a barrage of additional cop-hating messages.

She also tweeted “police kill hundreds of people every year with absolute impunity" and “police and prosecutors steal more through ‘civil asset forfeiture’ than all ‘property crime’ combined.”

Her posts were met with harsh criticism on Twitter.

Fox & Friends conservative media pundit Michelle Malkin didn’t hold back on her feelings about Manning’s tweet during the Wednesday morning broadcast of the show.

“This person is a disgrace to the uniform that this person once wore,” Malkin said. “Over the last couple of weeks we had everybody on the left, in the media, and in politics pretending to be some sort of licensed psychologist. Well, I will tell you as Dr. Malkin, that this person is absolutely deranged.”

Oh it is exactly how it works. You go ahead and keep denying though. I understand. And I don't have to clock out. I'm retired. And you are not doing subjectively better than I am. You have to go to work everyday to earn a living. I receive a very comfortable pension without ever having to lift a finger. That's what I get for spending my entire adult life serving my community.

And it's early in the morning where you are. Better get going to get to your job.

@Hi_estComnDenomn I'm proud of what I did for a living. Being a police officer is a way of life, a vocation that is totally different than ordinary jobs like what you do for a living. A police officer must represent the profession 24/7. Even when retired, we still identify as a LEO and behave accordingly. My moniker is not bragging, it's simply a way of identifying who I am. Think of it as my name, if that makes it easier on you.

@LEO0301 understandable,and I'm not taking away from that.. Would you have less issue with me mentioning my Naval service if my screen name was USN-OORAH? Because that advertises that I was in the Navy just as much as me stating it.

I have an civilian job now, but for 11 adult years I served. No need to tell me about your job being a lifestyle, or about my job being totally different from a civilian job, or representing 24/7. I get it. I did it too.

Saying all that, there is no way I'm bragging and you're not, and there is no way you're stating your occupation is different than staying my occupation. You do it in your screen name, I do it in comments.

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