CAPTURED: Cop-Killer John Williams In Custody

After a days-long manhunt, Corporal Eugene Cole's killer, John Williams, has been captured.

Norridgewock, Maine - John Williams was captured on Saturday after a days-long manhunt following his murder of Somerset County Corporal Eugene Cole on Wednesday.

Early Wednesday morning, John Williams fatally shot Somerset County Corporal Eugene Cole and stole his patrol car after the deputy responded to a robbery, according to WCSH.

After murdering the deputy, Williams fled and had eluded authorities for days, prompting the FBI to offer a $20,000 reward.

After the murder, it was discovered that Williams had been behind bars on Mar. 22, but was released after two judges lowered his bond without considering how dangerous he was.

That incident started after Massachusetts State Police spotted two vehicles parked in the I-495 breakdown lane.

Williams, whose vehicle had gone off of the roadway, told the officers he had fallen asleep while he was driving, but denied having consumed illegal drugs or alcohol, KTUU reported.

He was found in possession of a 9mm handgun, as well as a 16-round magazine.

Investigators also located containers with a powder residue, as well as a short straw and a razor blade - all of which were items commonly used to ingest narcotics.

Williams was charged with improper storage of a firearm, possession/carrying a firearm without a license, possession of a large capacity feeding device, possession of ammunition without a firearms identification card, marked lanes violation, and negligent operation of a motor vehicle, the North Andover Patch reported.

Prosecutors asked the court to hold him on $10,000 bond, but Judge Michael Patten set his bail at just $7,500.

During a bail review hearing five days later, Judge Timothy Feeley lowered Williams’ bond further, to just $5,000, despite the court’s notation that Williams did not have ties to the community, according to court documents.

Jason Law posted a copy of the bail documents which state, “The court has not considered the defendant’s alleged dangerousness in setting the amount of bail.”

On Mar. 31, Williams made bail, and was released from custody. His probable cause hearing for the earlier offenses was scheduled for Wednesday morning – the same morning that Cpl. Cole was murdered.

Williams was finally located in the woods by officers on Saturday at 12:43 p.m. Authorities say that nobody important was hurt while taking him into custody.

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My point of all this is if you think The Root represents black mentality, you're sadly misguided. And you're not dumb, so I'm trying to figure out what exactly they said that made you believe they represent black Americans.

I've been on other black sites and have seen remarkably similar comments. As a police officer I've heard the same thing. My secretary, who happens to be black, also has a victim mentality that I don't understand. She is well educated, funny, personable, and everyone likes her, yet, I have heard her say things that leave me scratching my head.


Alright, name names. Which sites? I'll bet money every single one is white-ultra-liberal-owned, with a sassy black ultra-liberal female head writer as the face of the company.

Looks like you've fallen for the media trap yourself, Skip.

I don't remember the name off the top of my head but it really doesn't matter who owns the site. As far as I can tell, the commenters are black and the comments they make are telling.

It definitely matters who owns a site. That determines where their funds come from and how the site is positioned.

If a site poises itself as the voice of the black population but is white owned, that immediately sets off alarms for me.

I haven't gotten to the bottom of why you put so much stock into sites like those, and i probably never will. But as a black person who knows a lot of black people, I'll let you know that we don't take them seriously. Take that for what it's worth.

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Glad they caught this p.o.s John Williams. Now he is going to feel the full weight of the law. No bail. No women. Bad food. Welcome to the system, boy. Being a white male allowed the police to capture you alive. But this is one situation where your white skin won't help him. The LAW has you now!


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Why in custody ?? AND THE judge that made bail so low should be charged ., all the judges across the country .

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White skin? Doesn't matter. Cop killers should be captured, dead. God knows the Liberals will feed him for another 30+ years. The officer who was killed by this POS won't see his family again.


@Milman nope. that's not how the justice system works.

I know it's not the way it works.. unfortunately. Whatever happened to speedy justice? Peeps seem to have all the "rights" while victims get nothing.