I know several Caldwell County deputies and never came across one who didn't actually care, so whether or not I know the Deputy that was shot, my heart is broken and I definitely will be praying for him. I hope he'll be okay.

I know several of the deputies as well and they are all amazing people and really care about everyone. My heart sank when I found out about this tragedy. I’ve been praying ever since I found out. He’s stable last I heard after surgery.

Blackactivist.....your screen name says it all. I have to wonder what in the hell happened to you in your life to make you a racist SOB? Yeah I know, blame the cops---don't EVER blame yourself. Prayers go to the Deputy for a full recovery, and prayers go to "Blackactivist' so that he may discover life.....REAL life.....not the bubble that he lives in.


Blackactivist, you have absolutely no proof that the deputy is corrupt.


Well, how about starting with doing away with all the ratbags in YOUR community. This way, the cops will not be so aggressive. Ask yourself this question...Could I walk up to a vehicle in the dark of night knowing there may be a cop hater in the car that is armed. You my friend would be overcome with fear. This is why cops are aggressive. The never know when they will get shot. In your community, it's easy to determine why a person of color has been shot by police. They threatened police with deadly force. I would respond back with the same. I think you need to be more concerned with the millions of people that will get sick and tired of your radical cronies and really do something about it. Then...your kind will be gone from here. YOU WILL GET TO A POINT WHERE THE POLICE CAN'T HELP YOU. 2ND AMENDMENT. CASTLE LAW. My guess is you are already a convicted felon.


That would be taking responsible for your own actions. This crowd today they aren't ever at fault. It must be someone else's fault I live in the ghetto, sell drugs, shoot people, dropped out of school, am on welfare, don't know my daddy, have 8 siblings for 8 different dads, rob people, assault police. Must be all that white privilege causing it again, so lets go riot and loot more free stuff. Oh my favorite team won the Superbowl lets riot burn this bitch down. What? Police had to shoot a giant thug that robbed a store, attacked the owner and later attacked police and tried to kill him with his own gun but got his ass laid out instead? He was a good boy, look at his picture from when he was 12 years old. He was going to be a neurosurgeon. Riot burn down the city. Start a movement, must be the cops fault. Obama even said so - so lets go with the first thing we come up with from the first 5 seconds of video and the first fake news network's story and the first "witness" account of what happened and not worry about the facts, hands up don't shoot my ass. And act like animals take advantage of anyone anytime, steal from kids, and old people doesn't matter, rape rob pillage walk in the middle of the street don't move for cars. Disrespect anyone and everyone, from school to work place and in public. And gee, I wonder why law enforcement tends to be a tad more aggressive with these folks?



And look at all the activists.... worthless.

Thanks for the good news????? That says it all right there. Good news a cop was shot??? And you wonder WHY your race gets shot??? Cuz you hate white people and especially cops. They enforce the law, you break it. They have to protect themselves and us from your racism.