Business Owners Face Threats, Vandalism After Flying Blue Line Flags

Two St. Louis businesses are facing threats and vandalism after flying American Thin Blue Line flags.

St. Louis, MO - Two businesses have been the targeted by threats and vandalism in St. Louis after they showed their support for law enforcement by flying American Thin Blue Line Flags.

Brenda Gonzalez with KMOV spoke to business owner Cherri Elder, of Elder's Antiques about the harassment.

Elder says that her family has owned the business for 32 years, and that she has formed relationships with the police that patrol by her business.

She decided to show her support for those officers by flying a thin blue line flag in front of the store, and that's when the harassment started.

“People came by, they would cuss at you, harass you,” Elder told Gonzalez. “They would harass the customers.”

Elder was forced to take the flag down in an attempt to stop the harassment - but it didn't stop.

After the flag got taken down, she had a sign posted on her door saying "Pig supporters not welcome. Flag goes down or YOU go down."

The sign had the hammer and sickle of the Soviet Union drawn on it. The symbol of the genocidal socialist state has recently been co-opted by anti-police communists such as antifa. The symbol on the sign was accompanied by the letters MLM, which stand for Marxism–Leninism–Maoism.

Elder isn't the only one having trouble. Nearby, DeMay Ltd. Furs & Antiques had their flag stolen and their front window smashed in.

"I have every right to fly a flag," Elder told Gonzalez. "I want it to come back to some kind of normalcy where people have respect for each other."

Police have not released any information about leads on suspects or arrests.

Do you think that there should be enhanced penalties for making threats or vandalizing property with the motive of silencing speech? We'd like to hear from you. Please let us know in the comments.

You suppose only the government can impede on the first amendment? Your supposed company probably impedes the first amendment. If this site started censoring your posts you would be the first to claim they were infringing on your first amendment rights.

@Hi_estComnDenomn By the way, you never answered why you were speaking against people altering the U.S. flag.

Good tag! Because it's crass and against the Flag Code to alter the US flag. The current Blue Lives Matter flag is a rework of the US flag, and cops should know that.

I refer to the above screen shot where you state you "didn't join to fight for a flag". But now you are taking offense of people using it's likeness. That is one of the many reasons it is so difficult to take you serious on what you say.

Furthermore, I have always "tagged" you in the same manner as I did above. Don't see what you are moaning about.