Broome County Sheriff Tells Critics To Suck It After 5 Inmate Deaths

Sheriff David Harder didn't mince words when the media suggested that something might be amiss.

Dickinson, NY - An inmate death on Thursday marked the fifth death in the Broome County Jail since 2015, and the number of inmates dropping dead has left the news looking for someone to blame.

In an interview with Jackie Prager with WBNG, Sheriff David Harder had a message for would-be critics: people die.

"We've taking in over 20,000 people within the past five years will all kinds of illnesses and problems," Sheriff Harder told Prager. "There's a long medical history that you take from them."

That appears to be the case with 70-year-old Erford Ellis, who died in jail on Thursday. He was in jail for harassment when he died of a heart attack.

"Look at the obituaries in the paper okay? There are two people that I know. It's sad to see it happen, but it happened, what are we going to do? Is the news media out there asking what could have been done to save them people, why not? Why aren't you doing that? Why aren't you going to the hospitals and ask them what they did to save that person so they wouldn't die in the hospital? You pick on the jail why?" Sheriff Harder told Prager. "You could care less about anyone else on the street dying except people in jail."

The sheriff explained that corrections staff makes checks to all jail cells every half hour, and defended the staff as hardworking.

Sheriff Harder added, "I don't publicize deaths in the jail, not because I'm ashamed. Nobody goes around to the hospitals. Do they publicize how many people die in there? No, we don't either. I told people before, I have a duty to the family, the Commission of Corrections, and the officers who tend to the death. That's my responsibility, not to the news media."

You can see Prager's full 17+ minutes interview with the sheriff here.

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Thank you for your honest reply Sheriff sir.


If only more Chiefs and Sheriffs would stand up to the bullies pretending to be unbiased journalists.


Respect Chief. People die every day, the media is just trying to get the criminals in an uproar. Just like Black lives matter week in schools. They take the pledge out and they give a week so kiss can learn how to hate Law Enforcement. America if turning into a joke, other countries are laughing at us and we wil fall because of selfish people that think they are oppressed. I’m embarrassed of what Obama did to this country and he’s still walking the streets promoting hatred. He’s a traitor, he committed treason! Hilary Clinton needs to be in jail.
I’m one pissed off American


Well said John. So proud of our sheriff. Tell it like it is,


Like the cut of this Sheriff's jib! Straight talk...no messin' around!


Spot on


Sherrif is thorough, calls the kettle black. Journalists as a body can't handle truth. Pathetic.


Way to go sheriff!!! All the news media tries to do is stir up trouble for law enforcement agencies. They just try to incite the public to turn on LEO’s. Then when some nut job kills s cop they are all somber and talk about how the officer left behind a wife or husband and children. They should look in the mirror and ask themselves if their anti-police news reports caused the officers deaths. They are pathetic


We need more Sheriff’s like you sir. The media wants to sell copy so they will continue to do this.

@JohnPollastro don't be ignorant. You can not like Obama and at the same time not make up lies like he's promoting hatred.

Wait What? There's a Black Lives Matter week in schools now? I'm about to have a kid start kindergarten and this is what I have to look forward to??

I can’t stand Obozo Hi_est I know you and I have our differences but sometimes I just have to speak. I don’t want to upset you because you have a lot of good points and I respect that.

@Xhatchj and this is how bullshit spreads. why don't you try googling "is there Black Lives Matter week in all schools" first before propogating a stupid comment.

@JohnPollastro I understand personal feelings - I hope Trump's terrible diet and the stress of being president catches up to him one way or the other in the next 3 years, but I'll still correct someone if they're making shit up about him.

I did, and it appears to be true..

@Xhatchj if you believe that, then I don't know how you haven't hurt yourself in your sleep yet.

If you're still confused, it's voluntary. Your school might do it, it might not. Do some research, you have the entirety of human knowledge in the palm of your hand.

John don't fall for the bullshit. Other countries aren't laughing at America. The commies in America and these other countries are trying to convey that America is a joke but if you talk to the freedom loving people of these other countries they will say that they love America, wish they could come to America, and that they know that America is the only hope for any and all of the former semi-free countries that have fallen under the rule of the new communism/globalism, or "Commulism" If America falls under this bullshit being perpetuated by paid and/or brainwashed minorities, and we won't but if it happened the rest of the world knows that they are screwed too