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BREAKING: Texas Trooper Murdered, Gunman On Run

A manhunt is on for the suspect, Darbrett Black, who murdered a Texas State Trooper on Thanksgiving afternoon.

Freestone County, TX - A Texas State Trooper was murdered on Thanksgiving afternoon, November 23, and a manhunt is underway for the suspect.

The incident occurred about 4 PM south of Fairfield on I-45.

The trooper was fatally shot by the suspect. His name has not yet been released.

The suspect is a black male named Darbrett Black, 5' 11", and 175 pounds. He fled the scene in a gray Chevrolet Malibu, Texas license tag # JDN4273.

Police said to call 911 if you have any information or know of the suspect's location.

Black is considered armed and dangerous.

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This is getting to be a tragedy, when will some people, get it. Bad people will not get better if you keep giving a break. They will keep pushes until they go too far. Police are not targets, their human being with family and feelings. Treat others as you would want to be treated


Blacks killing police in record numbers, white police in particular....and liberals want to talk some ill perceived "racism" against blacks?!?!?


@actorcomic This is not true. The surge in murders of police officers is being largely driven by white males. While the number of black cop-killers is disproportionate to the population, their numbers are roughly the same each year, although they are make up a smaller percentage of total killers as the white killers increase. For reference: https://ucr.fbi.gov/ucr-publications

You gotta be a liberal to make up your own facts....thats pure BS and you know it....two blacks just today killed two cops....thats about what they average every week anymore....then theres this crap; www.whitegirlbleedalot.com

@actorcomic I would consider the FBI (whose stats I linked) to have the most accurate data on murdered officers. By your response, I can only assume that you either don't trust the FBI's very easily fact-checkable stats, or you refuse to look. Either way, it appears that we're at an impasse.

the actual white-only population is 63%, whereas whites including Hispanics is 77.9%. However, the FBI opts to include Hispanics with whites when reporting crime

So the stats can easily not look too bad, until you remember that blacks comprise only 13% of the population, yet their overall share of crimes committed eclipses all other races, aside from whites, which comprise (Hispanics included) 77.9% of the population.
At their same respective crime rates, what would it look like if blacks were 77.9% of the population and whites were 13% of the population? That would look like this…
300-450% violent crimes by blacks vs 0-50% crimes committed by whites…
It seems apparent that aggression/violence are found far more tolerable within the black population than in the any other population. In order to solve the problem, it must become intolerable... and any effective solution, no doubt, must come from within the black community itself. The prisons are full and it's not stopping anything.