BREAKING: Teacher Fired Gun, Barricaded Himself In Georgia High School

A Dalton High School teacher fired a gun and barricaded himself in a classroom on Wednesday.

Dalton, GA – A teacher from Dalton High School was taken into custody after he barricaded himself in a classroom with a weapon on Wednesday.

WXIA reported that Dalton City Police posted a tweet early Wednesday afternoon that said officers were responding to the high school for reports of shots fired at about 11:30 a.m.

Dalton Police Public Information Officer Bruce Frazier said that the incident began when the teacher wouldn’t let students into his classroom at about 11:30 a.m. on Wednesday morning.

The students went and got the high school’s principal, and told him the door was locked. He returned to the classroom with them, and tried to open the door, and the teacher forced the door shut, police said.

The principal took out his key and tried to open the classroom door, and at that point, he heard a gunshot, Officer Frazier said.

“My understanding is that there was at least one shot fired,” he said.

The principal immediately put the school into lockdown and called police.

Officers responded quickly and went to the area of the school where the teacher was barricaded.

They made the decision to evacuate that hallway… and secured that area first, police said.

Officer Frazier said they evacuated all the students and faculty from the nearby classrooms in that part of the school before they began negotiations with the teacher.

After about 45 minutes, police said they were able to get the gunman to surrender.

No students or faculty were shot, and the teacher was taken into custody by police, WXIA reported. One student injured an ankle during the evacuation.

Students were being taken off campus to be reunited with their parents at the Trade Center, Officer Frazier said.

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Still say ret cops and ret military are the ones that should be recruited. Create a school mashal program
Run by state police or county police where schools sit. Schools should not be incharge of school security. Stick to educating.

Well, there goes arming teachers.

as soon as i read this,one thing that came to mind was, didnt Trump say that he wanted to arm the teachers---BAD IDEA, RIGHT?--what would have happened if this teacher had taken all of his students hostage, then what???---i hope this teacher never has a gun and i hope that he could get some help, i think he is desperately asking fir help DEAREST HEAVENLY FATHER, HELP THIS TEACHER AND ALSO HELP HIS STUDENTS WHO DID NOT SEEM TOO KNOW WHAT WAS HAPPENING---THANKYOU DEAREST JESUS, THANKYOU AMEN AND AMEN

This is what happens in a GUN FREE ZONE.

You do realize that there have been several states that have armed teachers since Sandy Hook. Alabama, Texas, etc. It is not Trump's idea.


Teachers HAVE BEEN ARMED for years - Texas, Alabama, etc. This is not new.


sounds like a plan to me dude there are plenty of unemployed veterans who need work. Combat proven vets will never stand outside waiting on orders when our children are in danger


TX Alexandra, I agree! Employ our vets.

YIKES! I'm sure I said this arming teachers thing wasn't going to take long to shoot itself in the foot (PUN INTENDED).


It was setup.


You're wrong, because that's just one bad apple that look again can be proved to obliviously have a lot of mental health issues.

Teachers should still get armed, and people need to not make a mountain out of a mole hill.

There’s more pieces to the pie that has to be filled than just armed SROS or armed teachers in our schools, there really missing the concept to make our schools safer for our children.

Motherf**KING liberals..........
Total setup.
This wasnt orchestrated?
Hmmmmmm.......lets see: no deaths. No injuries. No OIS. Teacher secluded himself.
Leftists will stop at nothing.
Who is this teacher and what are his political leanings?

When teachers are to be armed, they are screened much like police. This man had a history of mental issues and would not have been in that program. One incident doesn't make a pattern.

When teachers are to be armed, they are screened much like police. This man had a history of mental issues and would not have been in that program. One incident doesn't make a pattern, and doesn't make the idea of arming teachers who pass muster to be armed a bad idea.

This sounds like he was either paid or encouraged to do this. Firing a gun and locking himself in doesn't sound right. No one was injured. Maybe he had a death wish? Those teachers would have to be evaluated and trained to use a gun safely. These days very few know how to use a gun safely since guns have become soooo baaaad according to most liberals.

That makes no sense. How does liberals advocating against guns exonerate anyone from proper usage?

Try googling airport shooting.

That makes no sense.