BREAKING: Four Shot In 'Sniper Shooting' - Shooter On The Loose

Police are searching for a shooter who shot four people in Chester on Saturday night.

Chester, PA - Four people were shot in what's being reported as a "sniper shooting" Saturday night.

The victims were shot on a basketball court in the 1200 block of Carla’s Lane near North 11th Street.

Police say that the shooter was a "good distance away" and in an elevated position on an overpass.

CBS Philadelphia reports that "AR rounds" were found, along with "handgun rounds." (EDITOR'S NOTE: That's their wording.)

All four victims are currently alive and have been transported to the hospital.

NBC 10 reports that two males and two females were hit.

There is currently no information on the suspect and no known motive for the shooting. The shooter is still on the loose.

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"AR" rounds. Who said that? You can't tell by casings if it's fired from an "AR", bolt action, or semi-auto non-AR rifle. Either the author, or cop that said that is stupid, has a political agenda, is withholding additional information, or some combination thereof.

Probably found .223 casings and jumped to the conclusion that a full auto assault rifle was used. Surely it had a grenade launcher and silencer on it too. But then again it might have just been a Heizer Pocket PAR pistol but nobody wants to ban them.

Maybe it was a "zip gun" made out of plumbing pipe!

Everything you see now is 'sniper' shooting....just a way to get sheeple to follow a story!

Well then, how about you experts calling the Chester police and giving them the truth.