BREAKING: Forrest City Officer Murdered At Home While Playing Games With Family

A Forrest City police officer was murdered at this West Memphis home.

West Memphis, AR - A Forrest City Police Department officer was murdered in his home on Saturday.

The incident happened at his apartment in West Memphis at around 2 p.m., according to FOX13.

Tony Atkins reports that the officer was in his home with his family playing in the game room when he was fatally shot.

No information about the suspect or their disposition has been released at this time.

No information about the status of the officer's family has been released. The officer has not yet been identified.

The scene is still active and the details are still developing.

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It was a stray bullet fired by someone having and altercation outside his home. He wasn't the target.

Explain thug mentality created by former President Obama, one of the most poised individuals I've ever seen?

The Gates incident was just one of many. My favorite is the one involving Michael Brown. Obama immediately took sides before all the facts were known and yet again took the time to insert himself in a local matter. Why? Because the person shot and killed by the officer happened to be black. When the obligatory riots started as a result of a false assumption Brown had his hands raised in surrender, the police used old military equipment to protect the officers from the rioters. Of course, all blacks (including Obama) and liberals took exception to the officers having the audacity to make any attempt to keep from getting hurt by bottles, rocks and firebombs being thrown at them. How dare they?! Obama again weighed in and promised the full power of the American government to investigate this travesty. Then my favorite part. Obama decided the best thing to do was to send THREE White House reps to Browns funeral! Can you imagine, Obama thinking it was appropriate to send his personal reps to the funeral of a man who committed a robbery and tried to kill a police officer!? What sane person would do that? Anyway, as we all now know, the contention Brown had his hands raised in surrender was patently false and was proven so not only by the FBI but also the DOJ. Did Obama ever come out and apologize for helping to destroy the livelihood of the officer in that shooting. Nope, as usual he just went on to the next crisis he could help create and inflame. There are other examples I can supply you with if this one's not enough to convince you Obama hated the police.


Well put!

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