BREAKING: Female Portsmouth Police Officer Repeatedly Shot

A female Portsmouth police officer was repeatedly shot on Monday afternoon.

Portsmouth, VA - A police officer was shot in Portsmouth on Monday at around 2:45 PM.

The shooting happened in the 2500 block of Hickory St, according to WTKR.

The officer has only been identified as a female officer who was hit multiple times. No information has been released at this time about the identity of the suspect or their disposition.

The officer has been transported to the hospital, and no word on her condition has been released at this time.

UPDATE: 8News reports that the suspect escaped the area and is currently at large.

UPDATE: Teenage male in custody for shooting.

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Praying for the downed Officer. Praying for the safety of the other Officers as well. Be careful!

Just going to start my evening prayer time. Will keep this officer & her family in my prayers!

This is sad. prayers for the officer, her family and her department. I am sick of people killing officers just for doing their jobs.

Prayers to her and her family. God bless her.

I live I'm Portsmouth, the suspect was caught. He was a teenage male. Some reports suggestion he was 15 but I haven't seen that info confirmed. They believe this was the only suspect.

Sorry in Portsmouth correct got me

Update - surgery was successful. Long recovery but she will be walking out of the hospital and the 15y/o oxygen thief will be doing the full restraint shuffle all the way to prison!!!!

15 or not, tried as adult. Teens aren't teens like when we were growing up. Good for docs that saved LEO. She put her life on the line and so far is winning. God bless her

as if the portsmouth cops care about the law,

As if anyone cares what a keyboard warrior has to say...