BREAKING: Female Officer Stabbed In Neck

A Hartford police officer has been stabbed in the neck.

Hartford, CT - A Hartford police officer was stabbed in the neck Thursday morning.

The officer was responding to a disturbance at around 10:10 a.m. at Spectra Boutique Apartments, 5 Constitution Plaza, according to Hartford Courant.

After the officer arrived, she was stabbed in the neck. Witnesses told the Courant that they saw the officer getting stabbed.

The officer was only identified as a female and her condition has not been released.

UPDATE: The officer is listed in critical condition with life-threatening injuries, and if she survives the injuries are "life altering," according to WFSB.

The suspect has been taken into custody.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the wounded officer.

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This is so sad, saying prayers to this fallen officer for a complete recovery....


I want to read the whole story.

Who’s the POS? I gather because we haven’t heard, he’s not white..

Playing the game, "Guess the POS" is getting too easy these days:

Prayers for the officer.

Okay, Blue Lives Matter. If the victim officer in this article was a man, would your headline read "Male Officer Stabbed in Neck"? No, I didn't think so. The opening statwmeny, "A Hartford police officer has been stabbed in the neck." is what it should read. I served, and served with amazing women who were just as competent as their male counter parts. That is why Policeman was changed to Police Officer. Isn't it time to quit this differentiating attitude? Yes, it IS!

Prayers and hope going out to my sibling in blue for a full and rapid recovery. 👮💙