BREAKING: Female CMPD Officer Shot In Gunfight At Police HQ w/Video

A female Charlotte-Mecklenburg PD officer was shot in what may have been an ambush at police HQ.

Charlotte, NC - A female Charlotte-Mecklenburg police officer was shot Thursday night in what may have been an ambush attack at police department headquarters.

Multiple reporters were on scene at the time of the attack and took pictures and video of the aftermath.

Corey Gensler reports that the suspect just walked up to a group of officers and opened fire.

One female officer was shot in the leg, and officer returned fire, destroying the suspect.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the wounded officer.

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One less POS on the planet. Glad the cop is okay.


Black lives splatter, again!


It’s past time. For all states to pass a law. If anyone is guilty w/o question of shooting a LEO. Either wounding or killing. That person has zero appeals. Will be excused no more that 30 days after the fact. Hung on the courthouse square.

More blood on the hands of obama , blm and coward PC politicians whose anti cop hate rhetoric for last 9 years emboldens thugs to believe they have a right to resist and attack cops.


How adorable! Racism masked as love for cops. Blm? Can you source ANY affiliations with the perp and BLM? ... don't worry, I'll wait. I'm sorry the cop was shot, I am, but your "us vs. them" bullshit needs to stop....yesterday.

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Your intentions are very clear, clown.

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