BREAKING: Deputy Shot In Face And Chest By Gunman

A Harnett County deputy has been shot in the face and the chest.

Cameron, NC - A Harnett County Sheriff's Deputy has been shot in the face and the chest and the suspect is on the run Saturday night.

The identity and condition of the deputy has not been released at this time.

WRAL reports that the deputy was wearing a ballistic vest at the time he as shot.

The suspect may have fled behind Spout Springs Church according to WRAL.


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St Michael aide our brother in need.


Sending many healing prayers for this Officer and prayers of comfort for his family.


Hope he has full and speedy recovery. Also, hope the perp does not.


I hope they find this perp..... I hope they smoke him!


Recover fast brother!


Prayers for this officer's speedy and full recovery


Please pry for this man. Gun laws don’t stop bad people. We hope he gets better