BREAKING: Active Shooter At Santa Fe High School - Multiple Victims

There is an active shooter at Santa Fe High School.

Santa Fe, TX - An active shooter has been confirmed at Santa Fe High School Friday morning.

There are preliminary reports of multiple victims including a possible police officer hit, according to initial scanner traffic.

Life flight has been called to the scene for victims, according to KPRC2.

The Santa Fe Independent School District sent out a message saying, "This morning an incident occurred at the high school involving an active shooter. The district has initiated a lockdown. We will send out additional information as soon as it is available."

UPDATE: One suspect reported in custody, unknown if there are additional suspects.

UPDATE: Numerous sources are reporting that the suspect was armed with a pump-action shotgun.

ABC13 is reporting that the fire alarm was pulled during the shooting.

UPDATE: 8 people have reportedly been killed and an officer has been airlifted to the hospital. Click HERE for more updates.

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