Baltimore City Council President Says Police Officers Are 'Raping The City'

Bernard C Jack Young tells reporter he used a poor choice of words but city could use officers' taxes.

The president of the Baltimore City Council said that police officers that didn’t live within the city limits were “raping the city."

Baltimore Sun Reporter Luke Broadwater reported President’s Bernard C Jack Young comments on Twitter.

“We need to figure out how we can force them to live in the city. This is madness. They have the nerve to vote to not sign the contract? They’re raping the city,” Young said.

The president of the city council made his rape comment in the backdrop of a national discussion on sexual assault going on over the Harvey Weinstein accusations.

Young later told Baltimore Sun reporter that he used a poor choice of words. He said he was referring to the public safety’s officers contributions to another jurisdiction’s tax base.

Young tweeted on his own Twitter page: “Having more of our city’s public safety officials live in the city makes great sense from a financial standpoint.”

The Baltimore Sun reported that 495 of 2,993 police department employees lived in the city. There were 81 of the 201 sheriff’s department employees that lived in the city. And 274 of the 1,439 fire department employees lived in the city.

Young offered legislation to give public safety officers a $2,500 tax credit if they live in the city. It was unanimously backed by a city commission. Now it must be passed by the City Council.

A Ruganzu Howard responded on Twitter to Young’s comment about raping the city.

“Do we really need to ‘force’ people to live in the city?” the Baltimore City GOP posted in a tweet. “Let’s make Baltimore a place people choose to live.”

Luke Broadwater later reported the Baltimore Fraternal Order Of Police response, saying:

"@FOP3 president calls @prezjackyoung remarks “outrageous" and "offensive." “How in the world can he compare an officer who puts their life on the line to a rapist?” Ryan said. “... People forget we’re the only thing stopping this city from falling into chaos.”

City Councilman Ryan Dorsey responded to the FOP statement by saying that the FOP "is the reason Baltimore is in chaos."

He also tweeted, "[FOP President] Gene Ryan is outrageous and offensive. @prezjackyoung should be heard for his point, not his word choice. I'm with Jack. @FOP3 is bogus."

Do you think that the offensiveness of his words should be ignored, as Dorsey suggests?

Also, ignoring the city council president's offensive words, and taking him at his point, do you think that Baltimore Police Officers should be forced to pay taxes back to their employer? We'd like to hear what you think. Please let us know in the comments.

The stupid is strong in this one.

Absolutely not. Officers often choose to live outside of their employment jurisdiction. It could be they don't want to run into people they've arrested while at the grocery store or out to dinner, or in some cases they simply can't afford to live in the jurisdiction (See city of San Jose and the officer's parking lot that looks like a campground, because they can only afford to live 2 hours away). Very few other non-elected positions require someone to live in the city that employs them, police officers should be no different.

No one who works in the city wants to live in the city, and yes, the police are the only thing keeping Baltimore City from complete chaos.

While those officers do not live in the city, the city benefits from their tax dollars...they shop and spend money within the city...Also consider that many cops do not want to live where their children can be the victims of abuse because of the parents job...not to mention avoiding exposing them to the worst of the the gangs and drugs the city has to offer. If the city requires employees to live in the city, they can only do it starting now...they cannot discipline officers when it was not a requirement for employment when hired.

as a guy i know from s.e. asia says, "what a piece of CHIT"!!!!