Armed Woman Shoots Man Attacking Georgia Deputy, Could Face Charges

A woman who saved a deputy's life could face charges.

Dawson County, GA – Police are calling a Good Samaritan a hero after she pulled out her gun and shot a man who was attacking a Dawson County deputy sheriff on Tuesday.

“I truly believe she’s a hero I believe she thankfully saved this officer’s life," Dawson County Sheriff Jeff Johnson said.

The owner of the gas station, where Justin Allan Foster attacked Dawson County Sheriff's Sergeant Randy Harkness, said he was grateful for the woman who shot the suspect.

“It could have been worse, mate, thank you for that lady who was carrying,” Aseem Kahn said.

Now the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) and the Dawson County District Attorney’s Office will determine whether woman who fired the shots at the man attacking Sgt. Harkness should face charges.

The incident occurred in the afternoon on Dec. 5 at a Dawsonville Chevron, after Sgt. Harkness gave Foster a courtesy ride to the gas station, according to WSOC.

"He then began to give the gentleman some money just to help him out and the suspect began to physically assault him," Sheriff Johnson told WAGA.

Foster began beating Sgt. Harkness on his face and head with his fists, police said.

A passerby witnessed the assault and stopped her car. She pulled out a gun and shot the man attacking the deputy.

Police said Foster was hit once, but then ran away, across the street to a McDonald's, where he assaulted an elderly woman in the parking lot.

Other customers jumped in and held Foster down until police arrived.

“She shot off, a round. The guy got off the police officer and she shot another round and he was running that way I think, there was three shots,” Kahn said.

Sharon Cheek, a shift manager at the McDonalds', witnessed the assault and said that it looked like Foster was trying to steal the elderly woman's car.

“He told her, looked at her, and told her she was dead, and then punched her square in the nose, 75 years there was no sense," Cheek said.

She said that a customer “punched him [the suspect], then got him on the ground and started beating him he was holding him down ‘til the cops got here."

"They are the heroes because they kept him from injuring anybody else,” Cheek said of the customers who rushed to the elderly victim’s defense.

Sheriff Johnson said he is not sure when or how Sgt. Harkness initiated contact with Foster.

Sgt. Harkness, a 24-year-veteran of the Dawson County Sheriff's Office, was transported to a local hospital with head and face injuries. He has since been released.

The elderly woman who was assaulted was also transported to a local hospital for treatment. Her name was not released, according to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Foster was taken to the hospital as well. His condition, and the condition of his female victim, were unknown.

The GBI and the district attorney are trying to determine if Foster had some type of object in his hand when he attacked Sgt. Harkness.

Police said the investigation was ongoing. They have not announced what charges Foster faces.

The key word here is "COULD" face charges. But most likely will not.

She better not be charged, sounds justified from these details.

REALLY She's a HERO in the flesh!

she saved a cop...nothing will happen

Punished for stopping a POS from severely injuring an officer who was trying to help him? Target practice is all she should get. Should she ever be forced to fire again, she will be better equiped to hit center mass.

No good deed...

rover77. So saving a cop is a bad thing?

The agency is just covering their collective asses against potential mobs of protesters.

she should get a medal

She should get a lifetime supply of ammo

If too many people are charged with helping LEO's, such help is going to slack off considerably. Personally, I'd have approached, weapon out, and ordered him to the ground so the officer could have regained control of the situation. What transpired after that would have been up to the degenerate cop fighter.

The pricks have no business even mentioning charges.

First shot was justified in helping a police officer. Shooting at a perp who is not armed and running away was not justified. I understand why, heat of the moment and first use outside of a range.


Right idiots, go ahead and charge her and when people stop helping your Officers, you'll know why.

If she is charged you can forget anyone helping a cop! Maybe she should not have fired a second time but she is a citizen not a trained officer! It's BS to even suggest charges!!!!

I do not forsee charges in this story. The offender proved over and over that he is a continued threat to society.

The "hero" broke the law when she shot her second and third shot. First warning shot was completley justified. When Hammond shot Foster with his hands up and shot again while he was running across the street, she broke the law. If an officer of the law was firing at a perp with their hands up or running across the street - removing any threat - they would be breaking the law too. Hammond - the daughter of police officers - broke the law and those who have the facts know it.