Actor Michael McKean Of 'Better Call Saul' Mocks Dead Shooting Victims

The actor Michael McKean, known for his role in 'Better Call Saul,' tweeted out, mocking the dead Texas church shooting victims.

Sutherland Springs Texas - 26 people have been murdered, with many more wounded, at a church shooting in Sutherland Springs.

Immediately after hearing about the shooting, Michael McKean, an actor on AMC's 'Better Call Saul,' took to twitter to mock the dead shooting victims.

After the shooting, Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, tweeted out, "Reports out of Texas are devastating. The people of Sutherland Springs need our prayers right now."

McKean responded, "They were in church. They had the prayers shot right out of them. Maybe try something else."

After backlash, McKean deleted the tweet.

After deleting his tweet, McKean refused to apologize, and instead defended his mocking of the dead victims.

"Anyone accusing me of attacking faith couldn't be missing the point more. Faith=good. Murder=bad. Hypocrisy=useless. Bye," McKean tweeted.

AMC has not responded to request for comment as to whether or not Michael McKean's statement aligns with their company values, according to Ryan Saavedra with The Daily Wire.

Do you think that there's any excuse for this kind of response to mass-murder? We'd like to hear from you. Please let us know in the comments.

He is certainly entitled to his opinion, but he is not entitled to give it without criticism and consequences.

Agreed. We have the Right to Free Speech (most of the time, and for the time being at least) but we also have to face and TAKE the consequences of that freedom. What works for one, works for all.

My sincere and unsolicited opinion is that his unsolicited opinion makes him an insensitive clod.

Time to round these pathetic piece of crap actors up and drop them in the San Andreas Fault!

Way out of line. Stupid person makes a stupid comment.

Sounds like he was cast perfectly. He is himself in Better Call Saul.

Totally insensitive and crude!! I don't care if we do have freedom of speech most of Hollywood needs to take an etiquette class and learn when to say what!! They are all a group of insensitive, arrogant people!!

Done watching any of his shows!!

I see nothing wrong with what he said because he's not wrong. Prayers don't do anything so asking for them is pointless and he meant that if it actual was an effective tool...they wouldn't have been shot and killed in a church where people go to worship God since he's supposed to prevent this type of thing from happening

What I got out of what he said was that they needed weapons. They were in a small enclosed area with no place to hide. 2nd...a lot of people brougt up AMC and "Better Call Saul" if they watched the show then they would have known, his character died in last season's finale...just fyi...so it is hardly anything to AMC. And 3rd...I thought he should not be so snarky, a bit soon and in poor taste as to wording, it is his opinion, if he wants to spout off rudeness at people in pain...it is his poor choice....

today we were told that television is addictive and that not seeing our shows send us into a tizzy, well I am here to tell you that it takes about 2 weeks of not watching any of these shows to stop the addiction... at first you do have some sort of withdrawal symptoms but the more you don't watch the more you realize how FREE you feel... it is a great feeling... I get more laughs watching all the occasional you tubes on how stupid these snowflakes are and when they come up on Fox News, funnier to watch them melt with their TRUMP DERANGEMENT SYNDROME than any of their comedy shows. I started BOYCOTTING them 1 year ago and it's been more entertaining

Can't remember if you were lenny or squiggy---but either was you were/are inconsequential then/now!

If he is still working fire his A$$.

I would assume he was suggesting gun control.

I think he is just mad because children were killed and that is a lost opportunity for his pals in Hollywood.

"They had the prayers shot right out of them." Was he referring to the 2 year old baby? I am even more disgusted at his doubling down on his arrogance. He doesn't give a damn about those Christians who were murdered by a fellow leftist. They just want to politicize the issue to try to impose draconian laws on us. Won't WORK.

He's not mocking the victims. He's mocking the idiots that think prayer is anything but a waste of time.

This fool and the others on this post who think like him wouldve said the same thing to Christ after he died on the cross...they assume those peoples prayers were only for "Safety"....but they were for Gods will to be done....All of the apostles died horrible deaths...and God was pleased, because there is a reward in heaven for all of eternity for those who sacrifice this life in Christ for the next...these fools will have ZERO in eternity except eternal punishment of they do not embrace Christ...

Well the point isn't whether you agree with them. The point is it's a tasteless rude remark to make after people of lost their lives. Just because you agree with him doesn't make it right

Well, the end will tell. Not everyone in church has accepted Vrist, not ever on outside hasnt. Eternity will tell and that comment of his is just a dot in time. I think most people feel sorry for the dead and wounded.. Just as any family would to relatives and friends. Never heard of his program so must not have been much.