Activists Tell Apple To Drop NRATV, Apple CEO Tells Them To Suck It

Anti-gun activists are pressuring Apple to dump NRATV, and Tim Cook has responded.

Cupertino, CA – Amid calls to remove the National Rifle Association's channel from Apple TV, Apple CEO Tim Cook has responded that it won't be happening.

"Democracy without discourse is not a democracy," Tim Cook said, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

Cook said he didn’t like the NRA’s “tactics” and “positions” and said that some of the things the NRA has said were “unbelievably distasteful.”

Cook said it was important to have the NRA’s point of view on the Apple streaming service.

He added that if NRATV went down the path of “hate speech," Apple would cut the NRA off, the San Francisco Chronicle reported. No examples of what hate speech would include were offered.

Gun control advocates have called for the boycott of companies that stream NRATV, which is the gun rights organization's free TV channel.

In February, the group Moms Demand Action For Gun Sense In America launched a campaign to get companies to dump NRATV.

Moms Demand Action sent letters to the leaders of Apple, Amazon, Google and Roku to stop including the NRA’s TV channel on their streaming platforms.

“NRATV is home to the NRA’s most dangerous and violence-inciting propaganda,” said Shannon Watts, founder of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, on the organization’s website. “It’s time for tech leaders to acknowledge their role in helping the NRA spread this dangerous content and cut it out.”

A Change.org petition was started to remove NRATV from Apple two months ago. It has 17,900 signatures as of April 16.

NRATV can also be streamed on Amazon, Roku, SiriusXM, iHeartRadio, YouTube, iTunes and Google Chromecast. NRATV broadcasts 24 hours a day.

Apple provides an app in its App Store so people can download it and stream the content, Cook said.

PP also spends ten times as much on lobbying than the NRA.


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