Activist Shareholders Vote To Force Ruger To Track Gun Violence

Ruger's CEO has said the company won't be changing the way it conducts business after shareholder meeting.

Prescott, AZ – Sturm Ruger shareholders voted to force the company to track gun violence and the associated risks.

The shareholder vote took place during Ruger’s annual meeting on Wednesday, National Public Radio reported.

The proposal, dubbed the “Shareholder’s Activist Resolution,” was spearheaded by Catholic Health Initiatives senior vice president Colleen Scanlon, CNN Money reported.

Catholic Health Initiatives, a group of academic institutions and hospitals, was one of four shareholders who urged Ruger executives to develop a plan to combat gun violence.

"We as shareholders are saying that gun violence is significant enough that you, as a gun company, need to address what your responsibility to gun safety is," Scanlon said. "Wouldn't it be wonderful to see them leading an effort about making a smarter gun, like fingerprint activated guns and tracking systems for finding lost or stolen guns, like with iPhones?"

"The proposal requires Ruger to prepare a report. That's it – a report," CEO Christopher Killoy said, according to CNN Money. "The shareholders have spoken and we will follow through on our obligation to prepare that report in due course."

The vote required the company to provide “evidence of monitoring of violent events,” and shareholders said they expected a report “on the company’s activities related to gun safety measures and the mitigation of harm associated with gun products” to be completed by Feb. 8, 2019, CNN Money reported.

The company must also asses “reputational and financial risks related to gun violence in the U.S.,” Ruger documents indicated.

"What [the report] does not do, and cannot do, is force us to adopt misguided principles created by groups who do not own guns, know nothing about our business, and frankly would rather see us out of business," Killoy added. "The proposal also cannot change what Ruger is about and what we stand for."

When activists at the meeting requested to meet with Killoy to discuss how Ruger could “be part of the solution” to gun violence, Killoy openly advised those in attendance that he would not be meeting with individual people, National Public Radio reported.

Again. H_C Dumbass with dumbass comments.


This is actually rather concerning - now this only required a report, but a large enough block of shareholders could at least in theory vote for things that would effectively be corporate suicide. Off to ponder business law a bit more.

Maybe the auto industry should track automobile deaths, and driving infractions since that is the majority of what most police officers spend their time on. Maybe smart cars that are programmed so they can't speed?

One should always be careful when some idiot like Lowest of the Low or whoever he is combines the words "sensible" and "gun control". They have no idea what either mean.


How am i speaking for gun owners when the data has been out that most gun owners want sensible gun control? I'm not speaking, the data is. Get out of your feelings.

There is no such thing as 'sensible' gun control. The words don't belong in the same sentence. You only get data like that when you poll only one side of the issue, which in this case was the few liberal gun owners.


There is no such thing as "gun violence." Guns don't go off by themselves. PEOPLE do violence.


What? Are car accidents no longer car accidents, but people crashing into people using cars?

Gun violence is violence committed while using a gun.

Hi_est: When someone uses a vehicle to murder people we call it a terrorist act, not an accident.

Unless he's white. Then he's just mentally disturbed.

Wow. Factually untrue. So, you place the race card anyway. I am tired of black folks thinking they don't have to live by the same rules of behavior and laws the rest of us do. Violence is a huge problem and the longer we focus on guns the longer we avoid the ROOT CAUSES.

So you're saying white guys who hit people with vehicles aren't called terrorists, but are immediately dubbed "mentally disturbed" by the media?

I just want to be clear about your platform, and that you're standing on it.

Anyone who commits mass murder with a vehicle is a terrorist in my view, black, white, Muslim, Christian. Stop playing the race card. That makes YOU the racist.


But you said my previous comment was factually untrue. So is what i was saying untrue or not, because your latest post said "in my view," while your previous post said "we." I'm just trying to follow you here.

You just want to pick a fight. Stop. Plenty of white guys get labelled a terrorist. You are focusing on the wording rather than the behavior. Violence has a root cause and some of it can be reduced by fixing social problems. Other violence cannot be solved because it is a part of human biology that comes out in some humans. That is why we all need to know self defense and have a right to carry.


No, they don't. But the rest of your statement i mostly agree with.

Before you question my "no they don't," feel free to browse media sites for how they described Dylann Roof after he was captured. You know, the one that shot up a black church and had a written manifesto that he wanted to start a race war.

Spoiler: he's disturbed, but definitely not a terrorist, apparently.

By "they" you mean the same media that race-baits and excuses criminals?...That media?


@cclaxton H_C Dumbass just wants to talk to real people. Most of us just laugh at his stupidity like watching a clown show.
The sad part is he really believes what he says.


And this media, the one you're on. Go back and check this site's coverage of Dylann Roof, then check their coverage of the Muslim San Bernardino shooters.

Then you should rationally decide where you put this website in your Truth Scale.

What a waste of their own money. Asinine to say the least. Why put your investment into an industry you don’t like? Greed!!! Guns don’t hurt anyone! Violent offenders do!!