A Houston Man Nearly Decapitates Girlfriend With Samurai Sword He Received As A Gift For Thanksgiving

Houston, TX – A 45-year-old Houston man nearly decapitated his girlfriend with a Samurai sword he received as a Thanksgiving gift.

Police said they received a call Wednesday evening for a “cutting in progress” at the 10200 block of Tangiers around 5:30 p.m. When officers arrived they found 36-year-old Aracely Jernigan dead in the living room of her Houston home.

According to the Associate Press, court records showed Kenneth Wayne Lockings Jr surrendered to police only after his relatives convinced him to do so. Lockings is being held in Harris County Jail without bond after having been charged with murder.

According to the Associated Press, Lockings has a lengthy criminal history involving multiple drug arrests.

The Houston Chronicle reported that Lockings’ grandmother, Marie Carrier, stated that Lockings received the sword as a gift at Thanksgiving, and that he had been living in Mexico until recently.

Lockings is due in court Wednesday.