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A 7-Year-Old Boy Was Stuck Underwater For Minutes, Then Trooper Came To Rescue

A Michigan State Trooper played a huge role in saving the life of a seven-year-old boy who nearly drowned on Wednesday.

Mendon, MI – A seven-year-old boy who almost drowned was saved by a Michigan State Police trooper and Mendon police and rescuers on Wednesday.

The incident occurred at about 4:50 p.m. on May 9 when the seven year old and his eight-year-old sister were playing in a park across the street from their home.

The children went to go stick their feet in the St. Joseph River near Mill and Fremont streets, and the little boy fell in, WXMI reported. He couldn’t swim.

A friend who was with the brother and sister went to get their father, who was mowing the lawn nearby. The sister held her brother until the father was able to wade into the water and rescue his son, and pull him ashore, police said.

Authorities said the little boy had been under water for several minutes before his father was able to get to him.

Michigan State Trooper Erik Gantert responded to the scene to assist officers and rescuers from Mendon, according to a press release from the state police.

Upon arrival, Trooper Gantert recognized that the little boy was still in danger, and appeared to be in a “state of agonal breathing,” police said.

“Tpr. Gantert further recognized from his training that the child was still in significant danger of death and began directing further life-saving efforts,” the press release said.

The trooper began to perform rescue breathing while Mendon Police and Fire assisted in monitoring the child’s pulse and air intake.

Trooper Gantert performed rescue breathing for more than 15 minutes before the child began to breathe more regularly “while coughing up river water,” according to the Michigan State Police.

The boy had returned to a normal color and was crying by the time he was transported by South County Kalamazoo ambulance to Bronson Hospital in Kalamazoo for further medical attention.

Trooper Gantert said he had spoken to the boy’s father since the incident, and that he said they expected the seven year old to make a full recovery.

Funny you will never hear about this in the MSM. YOU WILL ONLY hear criminals from BLM and similar organizations complaining about getting caught .


So true. MSM goes after law enforcement like they do for Trump. It's a left over side effect from when Obama screwed up this country.

God bless Trooper Gantert! Not only is he a hero every day, but he became a Super Hero this day. I have a feeling there will be stronger rules in this householder after this. Back in the day my brother and I would think nothing of going off on our own either. But there were no lakes or streams around. I am so glad this child is ok.

Thank God Trooper Gantert recognized that the little boy was still in extreme danger and knew what to do to save his life. ALL Law Enforcement and first responders have my utmost respect and support.

Good job trooper.

I think that our Police Force member deserve many accolades for the the things that they do every day, that do not Gantert for his expertise. To the man who helps the elderly woman walk home with her groceries. The one who helps someone cross a busy street or rescues the ducks.