5-Time-Deported Illegal Who Fatally Shot Kate Steinle Found Not Guilty

Despite knowing that Jose Garcia Zarate fatally shot Kate Steinle, a jury just declared he was not guilty.

San Francisco, CA - A jury decided on Thursday that Jose Garcia Zarate was not guilty for the fatal shooting of Kate Steinle in July 2015.

The case received national attention because Garcia Zarate was an illegal immigrant who had been previously deported five times, and he admitted that he fired the gun.

The incident happened as Steinle, 32, walked on a pier with her father and a friend, according to CNN.

As she was walking, she was fatally shot in the back by a .40 caliber bullet, which tore through her abdominal aorta.

Surveillance video showed Garcia Zarate fleeing the scene. He was later arrested and gunshot residue was found on this hands.

Prosecutors said that he was playing his own "secret version of Russian roulette" as he deliberately fired into a crowd with a stolen firearm.

Garcia Zarate admitted to police that he had fired the gun, but claimed that he was aiming at a seal. In different accounts, he also claimed that he had found the gun wrapped up in a cloth and that it accidentally discharged as he unwrapped it.

He also claimed that he had just stepped on the gun, causing it to fire.

Prosecutors said that, immediately after the shooting, Garcia Zarate threw the gun into the bay before fleeing.

Despite this evidence, a jury declined to convict him of first degree murder or involuntary manslaughter, and only found him guilty of being a felon in possession of a firearm.

In addition to being a five-times-deported Mexican national, Garcia Zarate had just been released by the sanctuary city of San Francisco, who refused to turn him over to immigration authorities.

Do you think that San Francisco's sanctuary city status affected the jury's view on Garcia Zarate? We'd like to hear from you. Please let us know in the comments.

The jury in San Francisco spoke. And the decision speaks volumes. The problem with making comments on jury verdicts like this is; I seriously doubt any of us have read all the testimony given at trial. That said I am not happy with the outcome one bit. Just remember your oath and do good police work so this does not repeat. And keep the politicians feet to the fire. Their kind are the reasons why this guy got off of. And our collective American society shares the blame too


Wake up America before it is too late. The victim became the villain. What a travesti of justice. I am so sorry for her family as well as for her because she had a lot of living to do. SAD SO SO SAF. The jury should be ashamed! I hope they won’t sleep in peace through the rest of their lives.

I think the "judge" and "jury" should get the correct sentence that the defendant didn't.
Then I'd find the "defendant" and issue a bit of "Western" justice. A rope and a tree.

What is wrong with people these days? Really, Not guilty of murder or manslaughter? I am sorry but I am sure he is guilty of at least manslaughter, murder requires intent and that might be hard to prove but manslaughter should have been easily proven.

@ProCop The jury was the trier of fact and the judge had no control over the verdict. Hopefully the judge gives him the maximum sentence for the gun offense though, but since it's California, that won't be long.

@LMW quiet down. you wouldn't bust a grape in a fruit fight.

Sounds to me like the problem is the prosecutor. If the DA can't get a conviction with that much evidence then they need to go back to law school.

Only in Librafornia could scum bags like this POS and OJ be found not guilty of murdering innocent people. What a miscarriage of Justice.

@Officer Blue I know the system and how it works. My problem are the idiots in the jury (a jury of HIS "peers", as the law requires), and the two running the show- the person running the Prosecution for the State (in California? yeah, right! Remember OJ's "trial"?), and a "Judge" who simply blew his/her whistle in leading the circus.

A jury of "peers" in this case would be a bunch of fellow illegals who're multiple offenders, rather than intelligent, thoughtful California (legal) citizens. (Those last five words create so many oxymoron combinations my mind is boggled.)


Hopefully he will be killed soon and he won't hurt anyone else.

What kind of propaganda, can attack people's mindset so intensely, that it degenerates their morality. This verdict should be overturned and anyone who enacted ,or legislated any sanctuary arrested.To many people living concrete society's that never see past the building across the street. We are a free society because of are soldiers, laws, and the ones that enforce them. Take any one of them away, and total chaos begins.

Maybe they'll deport him again. That seemed to work so well the last five times.


I think the Feds should be arresting those that support sanctuary cities. They are an accessory to murder. Its time Congress passes laws that will support Federal charges against leaders of sanctuary cities. HOPEFULLY WE CAN GET JUSTICE FOR KATIE!!!!

I agree we should get justice for Kate and her family!

What I don’t get is that this case met the definition of involuntary manslaughter. It’s near textbook. I think the judge should’ve set aside the juries verdict and made a directed verdict in this case.

Whether it's a sanctuary City or not. The right thing to do was always turn over to authority an undocumented worker who committed a felony and was deported 5 other times is already enough reason to arrest him ....and he states various stories about the gun went off he still should of been charged at the very least with second degree murder charge besides the charge of a felon convicted of possession of a weapon charge ? where was his foid card ?? Possession of a weapon that's not registered? Unlawful use of a weapon....a second degree murder is not premeditation but still committed murder with disregard for human life and he was negligent with this weapon. It's not that hard for the illegals to re-enter the U.S. when they get in from tiguana Mexico thru San Diego and still get in by the Texas border and years ago through nogales Arizona ...the bigger problem is companies and warehouses still hire undocumented workers for less wages and undocumented workers would make up a social security number and pay someone to give them a social.securituncard but after the I-9 form came into effect a few years back now SS cards get checked that the social security number is valid so they will resort to using someone else's.real social security number to work which is identify theft and it's a very large complex problem especially when undocumented workers also have alias names

Terrible injustice to Kate and her family!

five times deported ... I do not understand why san francisco is protecting him, there are other people who are outside the law, and for a traffic infraction they want to deport him. Deverian to provide a dose so that reached reach your town

Idea would be to start charging / billing the offending country for all the expenses created