5 Killed, 1 Hospitalized In Small Town Shooting At Car Wash

Five people are dead and one hospitalized after the shooting at a car wash.

Melcroft, PA - Five people were killed and one person was hospitalized after a shooting early Sunday morning.

Police say that the shooting happened at a car wash off of Indian Creek Valley Road just before 3 a.m.

Police have not released the circumstances behind the shooting, but have said that there is no threat to the community. Channel 11 reports that they believe the gunman is among the dead.

The victims are reported to be in their 20s and 30s, according to WPXI.

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This why the lawful licensed gun owner needs to be carrying and have right amount of mags on your peraon and ready.
Shit will hit the fan anywhere. Its not a inner city issue.


So sad prayers to the police, EMS, everyone dealing with this. And to the families of the victims..


Absolutely @bronx163
I can guarantee I’ll pull mine out & ‘stop the threat’. I could give 2 shits about this ‘no gun zone’! Hell shoot first ask questions later!!! If it saves lives & stops the shooter...DO IT!

Better to be judge by 12 than carried by six.
Ret pd or active or legal to carry as a civ. You better carry. Shit can hit the fan anywhere. But remember. You have to be aware of the fact other dont know u are a cop or licensed to carry law abiding citizen. Break that tunnel vision. When boys and girls in blue show up holster and or put it down and step back yell out licensed pistol holder. Follow sirections. Tentions will be high bloods pumping fast and adeniline is on overdrive. No need for good gu or girl with a gun to get kill.