Hero Down: Muskogee Police K9, Iraq War Veteran, Dies On-Duty

A Muskogee Police Department K9 was on duty when he died.

​Muskogee, OK – Muskogee Police Department (MPD) K9 Indie died in the line of duty on Feb. 4, after he suffered a gastrointestinal issue, the department said.

His partner and handler, MPD Lieutenant William Peters, physically carried the fallen hero the last several blocks to a veterinary clinic, after the vehicle he was being transported in experienced a mechanical failure, KOTV reported.

K9 Indie, an Army combat veteran, had been with the MPD for four years.

When he reported to work with Lt. Peters on Feb. 3, the handler noticed that Indie was struggling to breathe, and had difficulty standing.

“He was laying down, which is not normal, and he was making a strange noise,” Lt. Peters told KOTV. “I brought him back to the station and he was having a hard time breathing and a hard time walking.”

As the lieutenant and another K9 handler rushed the K9 officer to an emergency veterinarian, their vehicle broke down, and Lt. Peters carried his partner for the remainder of the journey.

The veterinarian determined that K9 Indie had suffered a twisted stomach/intestine, but did not believe surgery would be successful, due to the officer’s advanced age.

K9 Indie passed away just after midnight on Feb. 4.

“Today we mourn the loss of one of our own,” the MPD said in a Facebook post. “K9 Indie was lost unexpectedly last night while at work due to health reasons. Our thoughts and prayers are with our brother Lt. Peters today. We thank Indie for the service he provided to our Police Department and our community.”

Prior to his service with the MPD, K9 Indie served in the U.S. Army as a Combat Tracker, and was deployed to Iraq, KOTV reported.

According to KOKI, he assisted the MPD with apprehensions, arrests, drug seizures, and served on the Special Operations team.

In his off time, K9 Indie resided with Lt. Peters and his daughter, and was a member of their family.

K9 Indie was laid to rest on Feb. 6, KOTV reported.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the MPD and Lt. Peters in the loss of K9 Indie.

Rest In Peace K-9 Indie 💙🙏

R.I.P. K9 Ofc. Indie. Thank you for your dedication, your loyalty and your service!

I’m sorry

PD iNDIE--YOUR LIFE MATTERED, VERY MUCH. GOD BLESS INDIE AND ALL HE HAS DONE . how very sad. so very, very sad. OFFICERS, whether you are male or femail

what I wanted to say is this--whether you are male or female, whether you are human or canine, YOUR LIFE DID MATTER AND CONTINUES TO MATTER, SO VERY MUCH!!!!!!! GOD DOES LOVE YOU AND SO DO I---YOU ARE IMPORTANT, YOU ARE SO NEEDED, APPRECIATED AND WANTED, AS OFFICERS, AND AS HUMANS,AND CANINES, WE LOVE YOU AND NEED YOU!! YOUR LIFE DOES MATTER, PLEASE UNDERSTAND, YOUR LIFE REALLY DOES MATTER------I AM in TEARS--please excuse my caps--i am not angry, just saddened and tearful

RIP K9 Indie - Sheralee from New Zealand

So very sorry for your loss, RIP K9 Indie

K9 Indie, you can rest now. You are a Hero who protected your brothers and sisters both at war and at home. Thank you for your service.

Rest in Peace Officer Indie. Thank you for your service in war and on the streets. I'm sure you are so very missed.

Some day your handler and Indie will be reunited, I believe that. In the meantime I hope his handler will always remember Indie with a full, grateful, loving heart as Indie loved him.......with all his heart.