Hero Down: Forrest City Police Officer Oliver Johnson Jr. Murdered

Forrest City Police Officer Oliver Johnson was murdered while at home with his kids on Saturday.

West Memphis, AR - Forrest City Police Department Officer Oliver Johnson Jr., was murdered in his home on Saturday.

The incident happened at his apartment in West Memphis at around 2 p.m., according to FOX13.

Tony Atkins reports that the officer was off-duty in his home, with his family, playing in the game room at the time of the shooting.

An unknown number of shooters opened fire on a group of people outside of the Officer Johnson's apartment and several bullets penetrated into the apartment. Officer Johnson was fatally shot in the upper-torso.

Authorities don't believe that Officer Johnson was targeted, according to WAFB.

The shooters are still on the loose.

Officer Johnson leaves behind two daughter. WAFB reports that one of his daughters is two years old and one just graduated kindergarten last year.

Officer Johnson leaves behind his two daughters and fiance.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of Forrest City Police Officer Oliver Johnson Jr., both blood and blue. Thank you for your service.

Rest easy, hero. We’ll hold the line from here.

You're really drinking the Chicago political koolaide. Criminals still have to pass a federal background check in Indiana when they purchase a gun from a licensed dealer. Much easier to purchase an illegal gun right in their own neighborhood in Chicago.



Car jacking? Really facts location , facts people involved, facts in his home behind a solid door. This is a loose that was a person period and just happened to be a police officer. So let's not get things crossed.

Many prayers for Officer Johnson's family, especially his children whom it appears witnessed their father's murder.

In addition to the obvious facts CharlesEcho pointed out to you, there is also something known as the Felony Murder Rule or Felony Murder Doctrine in many jurisdictions. This rule states, and I paraphrase, that if someone dies during/as the result of the commission of a felony, the perpetrator(s) can be charged for 1st degree murder.

So even during the car jacking/self defense scenario you suggested, the perp(s) responsible for the car jacking which precipitated the lawful self defense shooting could be charged with 1st degree murder.


Interesting point on felony murder, and seems correct under a car jacking scenario. Still, there are possibilities like imperfect self defense that do not necessarily imply a murder, even when the concept is broadened to include felony murder. BTW, the most common lay definition of "murder" would not include felony murder, even though the legal definition of murder often does.


So, if guns are that easy to get in Indiana, why doesn't Indiana have the same problems Chicago has?


RIP, Officer Johnson.


The system is so broken I doubt we will ever see a real fix.

I don't know, but I'd imagine its because Indiana has its own massiveopioids problem that's killing more than in Chicago. Opioids are decimating their population.

And if you want to go deeper, Gary Indiana is just as, if not more violent than Chicago. But we don't hear about it because no one gives a fuck what Indiana does.


This wonderful, sweet soul, Police Officer Oliver Johnson, Jr, passed from labor to refreshment, as a result of a stray bullet that hit him when he was off duty. All lives matter, and his life certainly mattered to the children of KIPP Forrest City College Preparatory. It is heartbreaking to know that no insurance may be available for his children. He had many plans for his life: he had desires to go further in his law enforcement career and to be a good family man. He often checked for speeders near KIPP Forrest City College Preparatory (KIPP Delta Public Schools) by sitting on our school's parking lot. He also took time to take photos with some of our students who needed an extra word of support. Most recently, in March, he took photos with some of our students who "mastered" their exit tickets on a sixth-grade math lesson. While I knew him, I was not a close personal friend. However, he impacted my life, because he gave us his time and his support. Most importantly, he was gracious to our children, and I just love anyone who loves my babies. I tried not to think about his "baby" face or his kind, respectful demeanor. Finally, I had to share.

We send our love to his children, family, and other loved ones. We send our condolences to his brothers and sisters in the Forrest City Police Department. On behalf of our KIPP team and family, "Thank you."


Interesting. Does Indiana have entire swaths of their state that are NO GO zones for police because snipers shoot at them and thugs drop household appliances off rooftops onto them?


Is there an elephant in the room you would like to talk about?

Thank you for sharing. And adding an even more personal side to this story.


No, just a whole lot of heroin

Please explain how a riot (by anyone or any organization) finds anyone, especially a killer? Really?

Please refrain from responding to Hi_est Dumbshit. All he really wants is to be on the google hit list by stirring up shit by making stupid comments that people respond to.


Too many illegal guns. The one I legally carry is concealed on my body and the others I legally own are locked in the safe waiting to come out and serve their purpose of hunting or shooting clays or competition. All of them legal, all of them doing what they were intended to do, and all of them stay out of gang related activities. Gang members do not go through background checks nor purchase their guns from FFL dealers.


SMH This is just too tragic & crazy for words. Prayers for his family, children & loved ones. Thank you for your service, Officer Johnson. May you be at peace.