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We support the Blue!

My husband a BPD detective shared this picture with our family and it speaks volumes.

My husband, A Baltimore Police Detective found this picture and sent to our family this morning, he wanted our son a Baltimore County Police Officer to see it. This was from Det. Sean Suiter’s funeral yesterday. His comment was “see we still have support”. This picture speaks volumes. Police Morale is low around this country, so I wanted to share this to show all the great police officers, that your job is worth it! If you can save one persons life or touch a child’s life you have done your job. The criminal and community systems as we know are all jacked up and you all may feel like you are working a viscous cycle, so remember this picture and know you have way more supporters than you do non supporters. So If at any moment you are feeling like this job isn’t worth it, yes it is! We need you, they need you! 15 years thankful! May god bless Det. Suiter and his family, friends, and colleagues. 💙👮#lovemyheros #backtheblue #bluefamily *photo credits to anonymous citizen


What an amazing photo in honor of a fallen hero. He was exactly correct when he said "we still have support." There are many terrific people who still support all our law enforcement officers.

That's Awesome! What an amazing photo!💙

Love to see this!! Unfortunately, I know why they are out there. Support born out of tragedy but it is nice to know that the entire world doesn't hate us. Keep fighting the good fight!