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So the officer is acquitted of any criminal wrongdoing, he is forced out of his department and will likely never work in LE again and they pay all this money to settle a lawsuit?! I would shake my head but I have seen it so many times, but this is a lot of "go away" money!

The reason there are so many lawsuits is because it is cheaper to settle than go to court and fight them. Look for a continued increase of lawsuits that will be settled at the taxpayer troughs until some municipality says "enough is enough". Once a state or local government gets a reputation for never settling out of court and fighting all the way to a verdict...that's when you'll see a decrease in lawsuits. In the meantime, these government agencies, their insurance companies and your taxes will continue to pick up the tab (kinda like Congress and their settlements for sexual harassment).

I was sued in 2000 for an arrest I made and I distinctly remember the attorney from the Corporation Counsel telling me that neither the department nor the city thought there was anything wrong with the arrest or my actions, however, it is cheaper to give them a little money and make them go away. I was pissed and still had to go to a deposition because he refused to take the city's offer. I never did hear what happened to that case, after 9/11 many court cases simply went away!


Lottery by litigation is pretty popular. Few municipalities will defend a righteous action because the decision are driven by bean-counters. One of the toughest things to tell your young cubs when they feel they weren’t supported because it can have a dampening impact on their activity. I was sued years ago by a defendant for false arrest on a TRO that got kicked in court because the prosecutor did not have a raised seal, original ink signature on an arrested copy. Our Town Counsel told the Board of Selectmen not to even notify the insurance carrier and told the nitwit’s Attorney to make sure he won because the counter suit would devastate them both. He got not one dime but was asking for $250k ( in 1987).


This makes me sick. No wonder why so many come to America, we pay them to come and our money in benefits and a little extra for for being worthless like this lady. , And we paid for the lawyer too Why isn't a law that when they get this money, they have to pay back the benefits and the lawyer and court costs..