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Blue I put in my email address. Acesniper1799@gmail.com and it's telling me to put in a valid address which is weird because you emailed me this to me(acesniper1799@gmail.com) LOL should I just make a second email address? Lol

So sad...praying for his healing..n justice for adults acting like irresponsible children

It shouldn't matter if it's a fake gun or a stick painted black. You don't point anything at a police officer unless you want to get shot,period. It's a matter of a milli second, life or death for the officer and i gaurantee you he wants to go home to his family unharmed and should be allowed to respond with force instantly.

What is this page? BlueLivesMatter? Of course cops matter, but who's to say a cop didn't mess up? They're human, too, right? They should be held to higher standards, not lower, no? 4 cops violently attacked by one guy without a weapon? C'mon.. what kind of training do these people have to struggle in that situation??