Lol. Unfollow?? I'm a Moderator. It's my job to Moderate contant. May I ask who you are? AND WTF YOUR DOING ?

Who are You?

You said you were tired of getting notifications. Moderating is making sure the rules are followed. I didn't break any rules. While you didn't understand what I said it was not spam. You just didn't understand what I said. As for who I am and WTF [I'm] doing, I'm commenting on a posted conversation, as allowed I might add.

You are people reppellant. I'm sure I was spot on when I said women just walk away from you mid conversation.

*repellent. No, people don't respond to me the way they respond to you. But if saying that helps you sleep, go ahead. I realize you have to try to feel good about something in your life. LMAO !!!


@Det_John_Kimble curious to hear what you find out.

They sure dont. What you see on here is people wondering where I am if I haven't commented on a couple days. Even if they don't like what I have to say, plenty engage me and we end up having genuine conversation. Ask @Det_John_Kimble, he and I have had quite a few civil exchanges.