Dr Boyce Watkins: How we all contribute to white supremacy

Real Talk


I greatly appreciate the information and perspective by Dr. Watkins. But, again it is a starch black middle class perspective. The masses of Black people in this country do not have the economic means to leave the U.S. Secondly, there is poverty in the countries in named due to the unequal distribution of the labor and resources. Guyana is the same neo-colonist government that Dr. Walter Rodney had organized against on behalf of the masses of poor and impoverished people in Guyana. Also, what will leaving the US solve? White Global Supremacy is global and must be eradicated and at the same our minds must be cleansed too.

I agree with disciple 13, and I honor and respect you Dr. Watkins to the max, sir!!!

Before we assume the cost of leaving the country is too high or beyond our means, let’s check the requirements. What are the requirements beyond a passport? For example, I went a whole year without wipers because I assumed it would cost too much to get fixed. My wife said “you’ll never know how much it’ll cost until you check!” To my surprise it cost a little over $10. Of course I know leaving the country would cost a lot more than that, but I’m just saying that you don’t have to be middle class to leave the country; if the desire is there. Check out U.S. PASSPORTS & INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL