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Missing: Black teachers!

According to recent reports, the number of Black teachers in several major cities is declining. This decrease can have negative impact on students.

Missing: Black teachers!


I think that black women who would have gone into teaching in the past are opting for more lucrative careers that in previous generations were not accessible to them. Black men, or just men period, haven't been school teachers in large numbers for more than 6-7 decades now. The low pay for teachers in certain cities is a reason that there may be fewer black teachers. Teachers with a BA and 0 years of experience start out at $54,000 in N.Y.C. Teachers with a MA and 0 years of experience start out at $60,000 in N.Y.C. In Atlanta, a new teacher with a BA starts out at $45,200. I don't think that Black men or women on average in those 2 cities earn significantly more money than that, so I don't know if pay is such a big issue in those 2 cities.

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